Karl Rove Loses Badly In 2012 Election – A Huge Victory For Progressives

VIDEO – Karl Rove, who collected some $325 million from wealthy donors looking to buy the election, has a complete meltdown on FOX News’ election night coverage and refuses to accept the fact that President Obama has won Ohio and the election.

The 2012 election was predefined as “close” according to the mainstream media.  But anyone who looked closely at the state polls knew the chance was very small that Romney would win.  FOX News and the right-wing media refused to accept the polls after the Democratic convention that showed President Obama leading in all of the swing states.  But when Romney closed the gap after the first debate, right-wingers raced to embrace every poll that showed his revival, especially some of the national polls that showed a clear lead for their candidate.

That lead quickly faded after the second and third debates and by the time election day was near, President Obama had at least a four or five point lead in most of the crucial swing states, with Ohio in particular showing a consistent lead for Obama in almost every poll.  But you could not say that to Republicans, who instead decided to point to outlier national polls that still showed a Romney lead and even crowd sizes at Romney rallies as proof that their candidate would win.

Republicans encased themselves in the FOX News/right-wing echo chamber, assuring each other that the polls were wrong.  Some even said Romney would win in a landslide.

Karl Rove’s meltdown on FOX News during election night may have been rooted in his disbelief that his candidate won.  But it also could have been the product of a man who realized that the billionaires who had given him $325 million to run attack ads against Obama were about to come after him for answers.

Republicans thought they had everything in place for victory.  The state governments they controlled installed voter suppression laws to lower turnout.  They had spent the last four years tearing down Obama at every turn, even turning against policies they once supported to keep Obama from getting any credit.  They were so sure that Democrats would not turn out in the same way they did in President Obama’s 2008 landslide, and that the lower turnout would allow Rove’s attack ads to be the difference to get them the White House.

FOX News and right-wing media kept talking about an “enthusiasm gap” for Democrats.  They said the President’s supporters wouldn’t show up on election day because they were down on him and that the GOP base was energized to get Obama out of office.  They were sure that their four years of hard work to destroy the President’s image had accomplished the aforementioned goal.

But something “unexpected” (for them) happened.  Democrats did turn out on election day.  The Obama campaign turnout machine did what it did four years before and all of those polls showing a 7-8 point lead for registered Democrats versus Republicans translated to an easy victory for President Obama.  The polls were right.  There are significantly more Democrats than Republicans in the nation.

The 2012 election was a triumphant victory for a real grassroots movement of people against the sheer power and influence of billionaires and corporations.  The top 1 percent tried like hell to buy the election and they lost.  President Obama was able to counter their attack ad machine with money from his own donors, most of it coming from small donors in the amount of $200 or less.  And the Obama get-out-the-vote ground game, both in early voting and on election day, rivaled the records they set in 2008.

Karl Rove was completely dumbfounded by this.  He and his FOX News cronies just could not believe that President Obama could overcome all of their money, their attack ads, their voter suppression, their thinly-veiled racism, and their party’s obstructionism.  Rove sat there on the FOX News set on election night trying to find some ridiculous way that Romney could win Ohio, even after every network (including FOX) had called Ohio for Obama.

Apparently, the Romney campaign (and Romney himself) were stunned as well.  FOX anchor Chris Wallace noted that the “Romney camp has real doubts” about the call in Ohio.  Then, in what appeared to be an impromptu response to Rove’s challenge, Megyn Kelly left the set to “confront” the FOX decision desk, where they explained to her that it was over and that Rove was playing games.  A close listen to the video reveals that Megyn Kelly says they rehearsed her walk down the hall to challenge the FOX pollsters.

Obviously, the progressive majority can bask in the glory of this hard-fought victory.  For once, the power of a grassroots get-out-the-vote effort and a massive amount of small donations beat the mighty money of a few billionaires and a sophisticated propaganda machine.  But the progressive majority cannot have their guard down for 2014.  There will certainly be lower turnout for the next midterm election, and an election with suppressed turnout (that they were counting on and didn’t get this time) is where the attack ads from Karl Rove can tip the balance to the favor of the minority Republican party.

Still, this video is priceless.  Karl Rove collected $325 million for American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS to run attack ads against Obama and many other Democrats and the candidates he opposed won almost every race.  If you ever feel like the wealthy and the powerful corporations cannot be defeated, watch this video.  It will remind you how good it feels when the power of the will of the people defeats the cynical forces of the elite few attempting to buy the government.

FOX News Saddened, Stunned To Call 2012 Election For Obama

VIDEO – FOX News anchors and contributors were noticeably stunned and depressed when they called Ohio and the election for President Obama.

When FOX News called the 2012 election for President Obama, they were noticeably stunned and depressed with the result.  We all know why the “reporters” at the right-wing propaganda machine that is FOX were depressed.  But they were stunned because of what they had all been telling each other for months: that Romney would win, some of them predicting a landslide.  The candidate himself was actually stunned because apparently, they only allowed Mitt Romney to receive reports from within the right-wing echo chamber that he was going to win.

In reality, the polls were telling the story all along.  Before the debates, President Obama had built a significant lead coming out of the conventions.  After the first debate, Romney closed the gap somewhat.  On average, Romney had tied Obama in many of the national polls.  And that is when the conservative news echo chamber began to tell each other that all of their hard work ripping the President was paying off.

But the state polls were telling a different story.  Most of the battleground swing states were showing Obama holding on to his lead even after the first debate.  After the second and third debates, President Obama regained leads in all of the swing states, except Virginia and Florida, where he had drawn to a tie and North Carolina where he was down a few points.

The mathematical facts could not, however, penetrate the FOX News right-wing bubble.  They were convinced the state polls were wrong, that turnout would not be the same as it was in 2008, and that Mitt Romney had momentum which showed up in large crowds he had at rallies.  How could it be so, they thought, after all of the voter suppression efforts and Super PAC commercials that had been choreographed by the GOP?  FOX News itself had spent the last four years tearing down President Obama on every single show on their network.  They had all of their faithful viewers believing Mitt Romney would win on election night.

This call from FOX says it all.  They repeatedly say that Obama won “despite the bad economy” and only because he ran a great campaign.  They refuse to point to the real reasons the President won: strength on foreign policy, the auto bailout, improving economic indicators, and the simple popularity of his policies.  Instead, they said “his campaign overcame” the obstacles.  Britt Hume couldn’t believe President Obama could get re-elected when Obamacare is “unpopular”, as he called it.  Apparently, Hume has not seen the recent polling that shows – despite the best efforts of FOX News – more Americans want to keep or expand Obamacare than those who want it repealed.

Even Ed Henry, as he reported the scene at the Obama election night rally said this, “…despite the fact that unemployment is still hovering around eight percent, this president is going to be re-elected.”  Yes, Henry had to add that line about unemployment as he reported the scene in Chicago.

Well, it turns out a majority of the country understands that Obama’s policies saved the economy from a depression and turned things around.  The Obama campaign was also successful in highlighting the many accomplishments achieved during his first term. Americans know that the economic destruction caused by the Bush administration will take more than four years to fix.  They also could see the obvious: that Mitt Romney is a disingenuous salesman, who was trying to say whatever everyone wanted to hear, but was really only selling the same policies of George W. Bush.  And the American people rejected the policies of Mitt Romney, the GOP, and FOX News in the 2012 election.

2012 Election: Progressive Policies Win, Conservatism And Tea Party Rejected

VIDEO – The 2012 election resulted in sweeping gains for the Democratic Party and a rejection of Republican policies.  President Barack Obama was re-elected, Democrats expanded their majority in the Senate, and shrunk the GOP majority in the House.  Referendums regarding  same-sex marriage won in three states, while a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage was rejected in Minnesota.  Also, marijuana for recreational use was legalized in Washington and Colorado.

The 2012 election was a huge win for progressive values and a big loss for conservatism and the Tea Party.  President Barack Obama won 332 electoral votes, winning all of the swing states except North Carolina, in his defeat of Mitt Romney.  In addition to the re-election of the President, Democrats retained control of the Senate, expanding their majority in the upper chamber.  While the GOP retained control of the House of Representatives, Democrats gained back a few seats in the House as well.

As Rachel Maddow points out in the video, the 2012 election was a referendum on many things, a clear choice between progressive and conservative/Tea Party policies.

The Democratic Party’s mandate signified the following choices by the American people:

  • Rejection of a Supreme Court that would overturn Roe v. Wade
  • Rejection of the addition of more conservative judges to the Supreme Court like Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito
  • Rejection of a 20% across-the-board tax cut that would be paid for with cuts to social programs like food stamps and children’s healthcare
  • Rejection of having to “clear it with your boss” to get birth control coverage
  • Rejection of the proposed elimination of the Departments of Housing, Education, and Energy
  • Rejection of allowing the government to change the definition of rape in order to restrict abortion to rape victims
  • Rejection of a Constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage
  • Rejection of a $2 trillion increase in military spending (that the Pentagon does not want)
  • Rejection of doubling the size of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility
  • Rejection of scaling back student loans in favor of the GOP program to “borrow money from your parents” for college
  • Rejection of a presidential candidate who would veto the Dream Act, which gives undocumented children of immigrants a pathway to citizenship
  • Rejection of immigration reform calling for “self-deportation” (making the lives of undocumented immigrants miserable so they will choose to leave)
  • Rejection of leaders that would “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” (do nothing to save the auto industry)
  • Rejection of a return to power for Bush Administration officials such as John Bolton, Dick Cheney, and the architects of the Iraq War

President Obama’s Long List Of Accomplishments During First Term

VIDEO – A recap of President Obama’s many accomplishments during his first term in office.

Rachel Maddow highlights the many accomplishments of President Obama during his first term in office, also pointing out that the campaign attacks by Republicans and Mitt Romney are not based on his actual record, but on things that are not even true.

President Obama’s record:

  • Lilly Ledbedder Fair Pay Act, fighting back against pay discrimiation for women
  • Credit card protection
  • Hate crimes law for LGBT
  • Passed Wall Street reform to empower consumers and hold big banks accountable
  • Saved the American auto industry and 1 million jobs
  • Established historic fuel efficiency standards for vehicles, saving families $8,200 at the pump per vehicle
  • Ended Iraq war
  • Set plan for withdrawal from Afghanistan
  • Killed Osama Bin Laden
  • Ended “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” military discrimination of LGBT
  • Student loan reform, removing banks as middleman
  • Doubled funding for Pell Grants
  • Cut taxes by $3,600 for typical middle class family making $50,000
  • 18 Tax cuts for small businesses
  • Obamacare – expanding healthcare to uninsured, ending practice of pre-existing conditions and lifetime caps
  • Economic recovery package, stimulating economy and staving off a depression
  • 32 straight months of job growth, adding 5.4 million jobs
  • Brought unemployment down below 8%, while stock market doubled