Romney Staged Fake Canned Food Drive For Photo Op In Ohio


VIDEO – Mitt Romney staged a canned food drive in order to disguise a political rally as a “storm relief event” in Ohio.  The campaign was caught spending $5,000 at the local Wal-Mart buying granola bars, canned food, and diapers to give to supporters as they walked into the rally so they could then hand […]

Mitt Romney Wants To End Federal Disaster Relief And FEMA


VIDEO – Mitt Romney says he would end federal disaster relief.  Romney even called spending federal money on disaster relief “immoral”. In a natural disaster like a hurricane, it is hard to see the devastation and human suffering and come to any other conclusion than the fact that the people hit by the disaster need […]

A Desperate Romney Lies To Ohio Crowd: Jeep Moving To China


VIDEO – An increasingly desperate candidate, Mitt Romney (appearing with Meatloaf), falsely told a crowd in Ohio that Jeep is moving all production to China.  Romney’s claim was quickly debunked, drawing a scathing response from the executive management of Chrysler (Jeep).   Mitt Romney has now become so desperate, that his dishonesty has shifted into […]

Romney Reaffirms Endorsement Of Mourdock After His Rape Pregnancy Comments


VIDEO – Mitt Romney confirmed his support for Tea Party Senate candidate Richard Mourdock from Indiana, even after the outrage about Mourdock’s comments on abortion.  Mourdock said abortion should be banned, even for women impregnated by rape because a pregnancy from rape “is what God intended to happen”. Mitt Romney is standing by the Tea […]

GOP Senate Candidate: Pregnancy From Rape “A Gift From God” – Endorsed By Romney


VIDEO – Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock said during a debate that he is against a woman’s right to an abortion in cases of rape.  He said when a woman is impregnated by a rape that “God intended it to happen”.  Mitt Romney has endorsed Tea Party candidate Richard Mourdock. Another Republican candidate for […]

Mitt Romney’s “Binders Full Of Women” Story Is Untrue


VIDEO – Mitt Romney’s tale of how he made a concerted effort to hire women into his cabinet when he was governor of Massachusetts is not true.  MassGAP, a non-partisan group from the state that seeks to promote more women in the state’s government, actually produced the binders of women candidates (“binders full of women”) […]

Romney’s Bain Closes IL Sensata Plant, Moves Jobs To China


VIDEO – Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital took over a Freeport, Illinois automobile sensor manufacturing plant (Sensata) and is closing it to move operations to China.  Bain Capital lowered the American flag when the Chinese workers arrived to be trained by U.S. employees about to lose their jobs. This is the latest example of Mitt Romney’s Bain […]

Mitt Romney Debates Himself – “Debate Romney” vs. “Real Romney”


VIDEO – The Mitt Romney who attended the debate with President Obama goes up against the actual Mitt Romney in this video. Mitt Romney suddenly changed positions on many issues in order to score a “win” in his first debate with President Obama.  In all, it has been documented that Romney lied 27 times in […]

Paul Ryan Refuses To Tell How They Would Pay For Tax Cuts For The Rich


VIDEO – In this interview on Fox News, Paul Ryan dodges Chris Wallace’s question about how the Romney Ryan tax cuts for the rich would be paid for.  Ryan insists their plan is “revenue neutral”, but they refuse to disclose details.  Ryan tried to get out of it by saying he didn’t have time to […]

Sen. Scott Brown Has Resorted To Race Baiting In Re-Election Bid, Mocks Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Heritage


VIDEO – Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown is going after his opponent, Elizabeth Warren, because she has some Native American ancestors.  In opening remarks at the recent debate between the two candidates, Sen. Brown accused Ms. Warren of lying about her heritage because she looks white to him.  Also in the video, Brown’s senior staffers are […]

Romney Bused In Supporters For Univision Audience And Censored His Introduction


VIDEO – The Romney campaign bused in supporters to be in the audience of his appearance on Univision.  Mitt Romney also “threw a tantrum” because he objected to the anchor’s introduction and did not go onstage until they agreed to redo the introduction. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy […]

Romney Stands By Secret Video Comments Stating His Disdain For 47% Of American People


VIDEO – Mitt Romney holds an impromptu press conference,  desperately trying to react to being caught on secret video at a private fundraiser, where he told wealthy donors that 47% of Americans believe they are victims, are dependent on government, and believe they are entitled to health care, food, and housing. Visit for breaking news, world […]

Romney Repeats Baseless “Apologize For America” Line Over And Over


VIDEO – Mitt Romney’s foreign policy pitch amounts to one thing: he says he won’t apologize for America, and he continually accuses President Obama of “apologizing for America”.  There is absolutely no evidence of President Obama ever apologizing for America, as Romney says.  This is just another lie from the Romney-Ryan campaign that they believe, […]

Romney Fails To Acknowledge Afghanistan War In Acceptance Speech


VIDEO – Mitt Romney is campaigning to be the Commander In Chief of the United States Armed Forces, yet he made no mention of the Afghanistan War or the more than 80,000 American troops deployed there in his acceptance speech at the Republican Convention.  He then excused himself from that by saying it was just […]

Republicans Endorsing Mitt Romney Talk About Bain Capital


VIDEO – Republicans now endorsing Mitt Romney have exposed Romney’s real Bain Capital experience in the past. Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry, and Newt Gingrich all admitted that Mitt Romney’s role at Bain Capital was that of a “vulture capitalist”…. Mike Huckabee: “We’re looking for a presidential candidate that reminds them more of the guy they […]