Romney And Ryan Want To Repeal Obamacare And Restore Lifetime Health Insurance Caps


VIDEO – Stacy Lihn, a mother from Phoenix, Arizona, speaks at the Democratic National Convention about how the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) helped her family afford the three operations her 2-year-old daughter will need to save her life because she was born with a congenital heart defect.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to take […]

Clint Eastwood Rambling To Empty Chair Is Most Memorable Moment At GOP Convention


VIDEO – The most memorable moment of the Republican National Convention was one of the strangest things ever witnessed at an American political convention: Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair, pretending it to be an imaginary President Obama.  Really.  And it happened in the most important (last) hour of the convention. People who watched […]

Romney Caught Lying In Welfare Ad Attacking Obama


VIDEO – Mitt Romney and the Republicans’ claim that President Obama waived the work requirement for welfare is completely and totally false.  But the Romney campaign and the Republican party are continuing to lie about it anyway.   At the request of governors, including Republican governors, the Obama Administration granted waivers to the states so […]

Romney: Blind Trusts Only Put Money Offshore If Trustee Approves


VIDEO – Mitt Romney often uses the excuse that his money is managed in a blind trust to deflect criticism of his many offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts.  However, back in 1994, Romney explained that using a blind trust does not absolve the trustee of responsibility for the decisions made regarding […]

GOP Senate Candidate Todd Akin: ‘Legitimate Rape’ Victims Won’t Get Pregnant


VIDEO – Rep. Todd Akin (Missouri), a Republican Senate Candidate, questioned the ability of a woman to become pregnant from a rape saying “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that down”.  Last year, Akin joined with Mitt Romney’s vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as two […]

Paul Ryan Admits They “Haven’t Run The Numbers” On Their Budget Plan


VIDEO – Paul Ryan admits that the Romney campaign has not even run the numbers on their own budget proposal.  When asked when all of the cuts proposed in their budget would result in a balanced national budget, Ryan and others in the campaign admitted they have no idea. Paul Ryan is supposed to be […]

Paul Ryan Budget Is Big Giveaway To The Rich At The Expense Of Everyone Else


VIDEO – When Paul Ryan went on FOX News to defend his budget, he would not explain how his giveaways to the rich would be offset to make it, as he claims, “revenue neutral”.  His budget does, however, propose cuts to Medicare, food stamps, education, and college funding for the middle class.

Paul Ryan’s Longtime Quest To End Medicare And Social Security


VIDEO – This 13-minute video documentary explores Paul Ryan’s longtime mission to end Medicare and Social Security. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is the author of the Republican budget proposal that would turn Medicare into a voucher program, ending the guarantee of healthcare for senior citizens.  Mitt Romney’s VP running mate, Paul Ryan, is also in […]

Senator Harry Reid On Senate Floor – Mitt Romney “Hasn’t Paid Taxes For 10 Years”


VIDEO – Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-Nevada), took to the Senate floor to repeat that Mitt Romney “hasn’t paid taxes for 10 years”.  Sen. Reid adds, “Mitt Romney makes more money in a single day than the average middle class family makes in two years”. Senator Reid also made the point that any cabinet […]

Mitt Romney Discusses Ann Romney’s Dressage Horse With Sean Hannity


VIDEO – This video of Romney with Fox News’ Sean Hannity shows that not only does Mitt know a lot about dressage horses, he even has his own horse.   In a feeble attempt to pretend he is not an elitist, Mitt Romney recently denied knowing which day Ann Romney’s horse, “Rafalca”, would be competing […]

Mitt Romney Is Against Medical Marijuana – Says He Will Fight It If Elected President


VIDEO – Mitt Romney states his position on the legalization of pot at a town hall in New Hampshire.  “If you elect me President, you’re not going to see legalized marijuana.  I’m going to fight it tooth and nail.”   Romney also called marijuana the “entryway into a drug culture”.       Once again, […]

Man In Romney “You Didn’t Build That” Ad Received Over $1 Million From Government


VIDEO – Jack Gilchrist, the star of the latest Mitt Romney ad who derides President Obama for claiming all businesses get some help from the government (use of national roads, bridges, and internet system), is found to have received over $1 million in government grants and aid.