Billionaire Super PAC Funders Back Romney For Self-Interests

VIDEO – What do billionaire Super PAC funders Harold Simmons, Bob Perry, and Sheldon Adelson have to gain by supporting Mitt Romney?  A lot.

In this Hardball interview with Eric Bates of Rolling Stone and Joe Conason of, they explore the motivation behind the biggest donors to Super PACs Restore Our Future and American Crossroads.

Harold Simmons likes Romney’s pledge to rollback the EPA and environmental regulations so he can dump nuclear waste in West TexasBob Perry, a Texas homebuilder, likes Romney’s willingness to support a cap on jury awards so he can avoid paying settlements for his shoddy home buildingSheldon Adelson likes Romney’s promise to bust unions so he can keep the workers in his Las Vegas casino from organizing.

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  1. Of course they do, why does anyone spend money on anything? When you buy things at the store are you doing it for the good of all mankind?? Good grief!

    • Believe it or not, some people do actually donate money or volunteer time to causes to support the greater good.
      But the point is, when you see an ad about Solyndra, abortion, religion, or gun rights, and at the very end in small print / fast speech it says “paid for by (Restore Our Future or American Crossroads)”, you need to understand the real motivation of the few billionaires that paid for it. The ads do not reflect the end game of the funders. The ads don’t say “support the repeal of nuclear waste dumping regulations” or “support the weakening of worker’s rights”.


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