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  • Display your favorite Buying Our Future sayings on your limo or weekend-driving cars.
  • Does your wife drive a couple of Cadillacs?  Get a sticker for each one!
  • Makes a great gift – order one for everyone on your board of directors with your gift message!

 ONLY $5 each (shipping included)

* Buying Our Future makes every effort to sell products manufactured OVERSEAS or (at least) in “Right to Work” states!

Buying Our Future Bumper Stickers – ONLY $5 Each (includes shipping)

Celebrate the Citizens United Decision.  Spread the word that corporations can now spend UNLIMITED money to fund negative political ads.  The Supreme Court has declared “Corporations Are People”.
Your wife drives a couple of Cadillacs.  This is a great sticker to put on your Mercedes Benz or Jaguar to pretend you also love American cars, actually.
Put this on your foreign made limo.  Let them know that when you drive one of your weekend cars, you are driving American cars….actually.
Support the big oil subsidies!  Just because big oil companies have seen record profits in recent years, that’s no reason to stop subsidizing them.  Our candidates are bought and paid for to do the bidding for this great industry.
Keep buying elections legal!  Those with the most money and power get their message ads to the voters more often, on more TV stations, and can drown out the messages of the lower classes.  Keep our ability to buy the votes of low-information and single-issue voters legal!!
Promote Our Site!  We strive to shine a bright light on all the good work big corporations, billionaires, and hedge fund managers are doing in the political arena through Super PACs and Front Groups.  Encourage others to learn about the wonderful things they do.
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