Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is a Wall Street multi-millionaire through and through. Mitt will fight for corporations and the wealthiest Americans every day. He's not concerned about the poor and those that envy the rich. He's concerned about keeping wealthy American's tax rates as low as possible, loosening or eliminating all regulations to the banking industry, and keeping up the fight to strip union rights and healthcare benefits from lower classes of Americans.

Mitt Romney’s Own “You Didn’t Build That” Quotes


VIDEO – Here is a compilation of quotes from Mitt Romney, using the same standards Romney adhered to when accusing President Obama of telling small business owners ‘you didn’t build that’. Many of Romney’s and his Super PAC Restore Our Future’s ads take speeches from President Obama and edit the original context out of them, […]

Romney Will Cut Healthcare, Planned Parenthood, PBS, And Amtrak To Give More Tax Cuts To The Rich


VIDEO – Mitt Romney vows to get rid of “a lot of unnecessary things” if he becomes President in order to balance the budget.  Somehow, tax cuts for the ultra rich are not something he considers unnecessary – he would keep those indefinitely.  But, he will cut funding for Planned Parenthood, PBS, Amtrak, and the […]

Mitt Romney Discusses Ann Romney’s Dressage Horse With Sean Hannity


VIDEO – This video of Romney with Fox News’ Sean Hannity shows that not only does Mitt know a lot about dressage horses, he even has his own horse.   In a feeble attempt to pretend he is not an elitist, Mitt Romney recently denied knowing which day Ann Romney’s horse, “Rafalca”, would be competing […]

Mitt Romney Flip Flops 3 Times In One Week On Obamacare Mandate


VIDEO – Mitt Romney’s three positions on the Obamacare mandate in the one week since the Supreme Court’s ruling.     When the Supreme Court ruled that the Obamacare mandate is Constitutional because the mandate falls within Congress’ power to tax, Republicans rushed to demonize it using the evil ‘t-word’:  “Ah-ha!  The mandate is a […]

Super PAC and Rove Attend Romney Fundraiser – Campaign Says It’s Legal


Members of Restore Our Future, the Super PAC supporting Mitt Romney, were on hand at his fundraising retreat this past weekend in Park City, Utah.  The campaign insisted that they just happened to be there on their own and they were not official attendees of the event.  However, Charlie Spies, the man that runs Restore Our […]

Mitt Romney Campaigns To Cut Police, Firefighters, Teachers


VIDEO – Mitt Romney critisizes President Obama for wanting to hire more police, firefighters, and teachers. Once again, Mitt Romney campaigns against the education of our nation’s children.  He is now coming out against the police and firefighters as well.  When you are as rich as Romney and his Super PAC donors, your kids go […]

Mitt Romney’s Positions On The Issues In 60 Seconds

Romney 743

VIDEO: Mitt Romney’s positions (in his own words) on forecluseures, the auto bailout, healthcare, immigration, women’s healthcare, and corporate welfare in 60 seconds.

Mitt Romney – “I Stand By What I Said, Whatever It Was”

Romney Whatever It Was

VIDEO:   It seems Romney is having trouble seeing the faded positions on his recently shaken Etch-A-Sketch.  He is now resorting to the fallback, “I stand by what I said, whatever it was”.  There seems to be a glitch in this droid’s programming:  Mitt Romney is getting his pandering statements mixed up and is now forgetting which lies are […]

Mitt Romney – Trees Are the Right Height, I Love Lakes – Are You High, Man?

Romney Cypress Hill

VIDEO: Mitt Romney’s nonsensical “I love lakes, I love cars, the trees are the right height” pandering speech to a Michigan audience is so incoherent that it reminds us of someone that just took a huge hit from the bong.  Just slow it down a bit and add some Cypress Hill…..Whoa, man!  Pass me some of that!

Mitt Romney – I Love Lakes Song

Romney I Love Lakes

VIDEO – All of Mitt Romney’s best pandering lines in song.  Mitt likes whatever you like, as long as you will vote for him.  He will say whatever you want to hear if it helps him get what he really likes: the power to do the bidding for his elite Wall Street funders.

Mitt Romney Pledges To Bust Unions


VIDEO: – Mitt Romney wants to destroy unions in America. There’s nothing that gets under Mitt Romney’s skin like workers being able to bargain for rights, benefits, and fair wages.  His billionaire funders are paying him to bust unions.  He says he will support ALL anti-union (a.k.a. “right to work”) laws. He also talks about […]

John McCain Endorses Mitt Romney

John McCain Endorses Romney

VIDEO: John McCain’s endorsement of Mitt Romney. EXTRA:  John McCain’s entire 200 page file on Mitt Romney from his 2008 presidential primary campaign.

Newt Gingrich Endorsement of Mitt Romney

Newt Gingrich 5

VIDEO: Newt Gingrich has officially suspended his campaign.  Here is Gingrich’s endorsement of Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney Made Millions Closing American Factories As Bain Capital CEO


Video – This is an example of the signature tactic “job creator” Mitt Romney was famous for as CEO of Bain Capital.  Bain used this model for many different companies they purchased and made millions doing it.

Romney Now WANTS CREDIT For Auto Bailout He Opposed

VIDEO – Romney: “I’ll take a lot of credit for the fact that this industry has come back.” Mitt Romney is clearly the candidate we all thought he was.  He will lie through his teeth about anything to get elected.  His motivation is clear – to get into the White House and make life easier […]