A Desperate Romney Turns Jeep Lies Into Ohio Campaign Ads


VIDEO – Showing clear signs of desperation, Mitt Romney got caught lying to Ohioans at a rally, saying that he “read somewhere” that Jeep is moving all production to China.  The lie was immediately rebuked by Chrysler Corporation, which is actually adding jobs at its Ohio production plant.  But not only did Romney not retract […]

Karl Rove’s “New Majority Agenda” Is Really The Agenda Of A Few Billionaires


VIDEO – This ad from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee shows that Karl Rove’s so called “New Majority Agenda” does not refer to the agenda of a majority of Americans.  Rather, it is the agenda of a few people who are hoarding the majority of the nation’s wealth and are using Karl Rove’s super PAC […]

Mitt Romney Sings America The Beautiful In Obama Ad


VIDEO – Mitt Romney sings “America The Beautiful” in this ad from Obama For America highlighting Romney’s time as CEO of Bain Capital.   The Obama ad has Romney singing  “America The Beautiful” while the following facts appear on screen: In business, Mitt Romney’s firms shipped jobs to Mexico.  Los Angeles Times (6/2/00), SEC (3/26/93, […]

Red White And Blue Fund – “Meet”

VIDEO – Rick Santorum’s Super PAC wants you to meet the real Mitt Romney.

Restore Our Future – “Care”

VIDEO – Restore Our Future Ad:  Rick Santorum says “I don’t care what the unemployment rate is going to be”.  It also accuses Santorum of being in favor of worker’s rights – “he even voted against national Right to Work legislation”.  We know Mitt Romney is against worker’s rights, but we did not know he was […]

Xenophobia – Negative Ad Strategy

VIDEO – Xenophobic political ads. A good strategy for negative political ads is using xenophobia – “an unreasonable fear of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange.”  We have even heard the candidates themselves ridicule their opponents just for being able to speak a foreign language.  There are actually portions of the electorate that […]

Gingrich Ad – For the Dogs

VIDEO – Mitt Romney sings “Who Let the Dogs Out” in this one…  A collection of Mitt’s finest moments.

Red White and Blue Super PAC Ad – “Obama”

VIDEO – This Santorum Super PAC ad goes after everyone, then abruptly transitions to “sunshine and rainbows” for Rick Santorum.  All in 30 seconds.

How To Create A Super PAC Ad

VIDEO – Here is a handy step-by-step template to produce an effective negative TV ad for your Super PAC or Front Group.  Just follow this easy fill-in-the-blank process and your Super PAC or Front Group will be on its way to suppressing voter turnout today!  

Newt Gingrich Campaign Robocall – November 19, 2011

Here’s a great example of how to use all of the proven scare words for the typical Fox News viewer.   In the opening statement of this robocall Newt uses: crisis, radical ideology, secular, Socialist, and (the scariest of all) EUROPEAN.  

Newt Gingrich Florida Robocall – Romney Forced Holocaust Survivors To Eat Non-Kosher Food

What can we say about this that the title doesn’t cover?  There’s no better way to target the elderly than robocalls and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Santorum – Michigan Robocall

We love how Santorum uses Romney’s opposition to the auto bailout in this robocall, even though he also opposed it.  Brilliant!  This particular robocall asks Democrats to go vote in the Republican primary for this reason.  This is more proof that robocalls are a great way to distort the facts and target low-information voters.

Red White and Blue Ad – “Devoted”

This ad makes good use of a proven strategy that many can’t understand.  Why are rural people in Iowa scared of “radical Islamic extremism”?  It doesn’t matter – they are and this stuff works!