Mitt Romney – Binders Full Of Women Song


VIDEO – Mitt Romney does his Binders Full Of Women rap song.   Watch Mitt Romney rap in this song, “Binders Full Of Women”. Answering a debate question about equal pay for women, President Obama noted that the first bill he signed into law as president was a law for equal pay for women.  Romney has […]

The Romney Bunch – Starring Mitt Romney


VIDEO – The DNC presents The Romney Bunch. The Romney Bunch features all of the clowns you will see at the Republican National Convention in Tampa: Mitt Romney Paul Ryan Bob McDonnell Chris Christie John Kasich Scott Walker Rand Paul Marco Rubio Rick Santorum

I’m A Romney Girl, In A Romney World – Life Is Taxless, It’s Fantastic


VIDEO – The Agenda Project Action Fund presents: Romney Girl. The video features the character Miss Swiss Bank Account, representing Mitt Romney’s many offshore tax shelters.  The government of Switzerland has already protested the video. Lyrics: Hi Romney Hi Miss Do you have something to hide? Well yeah, jump in! (Miss Swiss) I’m a Romney girl, in a […]

Mitt Romney’s Own “You Didn’t Build That” Quotes


VIDEO – Here is a compilation of quotes from Mitt Romney, using the same standards Romney adhered to when accusing President Obama of telling small business owners ‘you didn’t build that’. Many of Romney’s and his Super PAC Restore Our Future’s ads take speeches from President Obama and edit the original context out of them, […]

What Is ALEC? Schoolhouse Rock Has The Answer


VIDEO – “ALEC Rock”, Produced by Mark Fiore and ALECexposed .  The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is the organization that gives corporations and lobbyists the opportunity to write model legislation and hand it off to state legislators from all over the United States.  Legislative members take the model bills back to their home state and […]

Mitt Romney – Trees Are the Right Height, I Love Lakes – Are You High, Man?

Romney Cypress Hill

VIDEO: Mitt Romney’s nonsensical “I love lakes, I love cars, the trees are the right height” pandering speech to a Michigan audience is so incoherent that it reminds us of someone that just took a huge hit from the bong.  Just slow it down a bit and add some Cypress Hill…..Whoa, man!  Pass me some of that!

Mitt Romney – I Love Lakes Song

Romney I Love Lakes

VIDEO – All of Mitt Romney’s best pandering lines in song.  Mitt likes whatever you like, as long as you will vote for him.  He will say whatever you want to hear if it helps him get what he really likes: the power to do the bidding for his elite Wall Street funders.

How You Can Use Mitt Romney’s Cayman Island Tax Shelter


VIDEO – The accounting firm that helps Mitt Romney hide his money in the Cayman Islands is now looking to expand their business by capitalizing on Mitt’s name.  Here is one of their new TV ads:

Super PAC Jam – Oh, Super PACs! A Music Video


VIDEO – Want to know what a Super PAC is?  Super PACs explained in song.

The REAL Mitt Romney (Featuring Eminem)


VIDEO – A rap tribute to Mitt Romney, featuring Eminem.

Blame the Poor and Unemployed – Distracts Public From Corporate Welfare


VIDEO – Blaming the poor and unemployed distracts the public from corporate welfare. The Federal government and state governments all over the U.S. are drowning in debt and deficits.  It has been suggested that big corporations have some tax loopholes closed to alleviate these shortfalls.  But, Republicans have another way: take benefits away from the poor and […]

How To Create A Super PAC Ad

VIDEO – Here is a handy step-by-step template to produce an effective negative TV ad for your Super PAC or Front Group.  Just follow this easy fill-in-the-blank process and your Super PAC or Front Group will be on its way to suppressing voter turnout today!  

Rick Perry’s Drunk or High Speech

Lesson to Super PAC funders: Be careful where you give your millions.  You can’t get a refund, even after something like this.

Rick Perry Forgets His Own Plan to Eliminate Federal Agencies

VIDEO – Rick Perry forgets his own plan to eliminate federal agencies.  Maybe he should have written his talking points on his palm.

Herman Cain’s Farewell Speech – Quotes Pokemon Again

After the allegations of extra-marital activity by Herman Cain became too much to overcome, the one-time front runner in the GOP primary race dropped out of the contest.  Here is his farewell speech, where once again he quotes the closing credits song of the Pokemon movie.