Clint Eastwood Rambling To Empty Chair Is Most Memorable Moment At GOP Convention

VIDEO – The most memorable moment of the Republican National Convention was one of the strangest things ever witnessed at an American political convention: Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair, pretending it to be an imaginary President Obama.  Really.  And it happened in the most important (last) hour of the convention.

People who watched the final night of the GOP Convention in Tampa last night are probably saying to each other today, “what the hell was that” about Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair that was supposed to be Barack Obama.  Most political conventions today are highly-scripted, made-for-TV appeals to the “swing” voters of America.  Which is why Eastwood’s awkward, rambling, and at times incoherent act has dumbfounded most political observers.

Mitt Romney actually came just short of calling for a war against Iran and chided Russian President Vladimir Putin in his acceptance speech.  But the news of Romney’s speech is likely to be drowned out by the collective astonishment of the political press that a supposedly well-oiled political operation would let Clint Eastwood just go onstage and “wing it” to open the prime time major network hour of convention TV coverage.

In fact, the video montage and tribute to the candidate that is usually used to psyche-up the viewer in anticipation of the candidate’s speech was moved ahead of the prime time hour so they could broadcast the Clint Eastwood debacle on the major networks.

As if his infamous and embarrassing visit to the London Olympics wasn’t enough to undermine the vision of Mitt Romney as a great leader of people.  The campaign Romney is leading allowed him to be upstaged on his most important night by a ridiculous spectacle.  Which, sort of reminds one of the GOP presidential candidate in 2008 who was also upstaged by a ridiculous spectacle.


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