Crossroads GPS, GOP Super PACs Target Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown

VIDEO – Crossroads GPS has already spent $2.5 million and has just started another $1 million campaign of negative ads targeting just one senator, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D – Ohio).


What happens when a senator stands up to big oil, Wall Street, and corporate outsourcing?  Ask Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio.  Outside Super PACs and front groups (such as Karl Rove’s front group, Crossroads GPS) have spent $10.5 million running negative ads against Sen. Brown, compared to $2.5 million spent by groups supporting him – over a four to one advantage.  

Is it because there are so many people of Ohio who are against Sherrod Brown that they have out-raised the groups supporting him four to one?  Is it because the people of Ohio like bank bailouts, oil subsidies, and corporations that ship jobs overseas?  

No, it is because there are a few very, very rich people from the industries mentioned above who are willing to “invest” large sums of money to defeat a lawmaker who puts the interests of the people ahead of their special interests and install a puppet to do their bidding in his place.  Brown is the number one target (in terms of money spent on negative ads) of the Super PACs and front groups that support billionaire causes.

In June, Brown told the Huffington Post, “If George Soros or some wealthy person on the left drops $20 million into a race or a series of races, and his side wins — our side wins — they don’t get any material benefit from it.  But if the Koch brothers or Sheldon Adelson or Harold Simmons in Texas put $10 or $20 million each in and win, they get tax cuts, weaker environmental laws and anti-labor legislation. They have more billionaires with more income, more money anyway, but they also have an economic incentive. For their side, it’s a good investment, to make more money. For our side, it’s a good investment in good government and progressive values. And the financial incentive trumps so often.”

Yes, a few billionaires can now flood the airwaves with twisted, negative ads against members of Congress that don’t play ball with them.  Money raised on behalf of causes for the middle class, gathered from millions of people, can be instantly matched by the stroke of a pen from one billionaire.  And if they go through Crossroads GPS, they can fund the ads in complete secrecy. This is the reality of post-Citizens United America.


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