Fox News Interviews Children With Lemonade Stand To Mock Obama

VIDEO – Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade interviews a seven-year-old and her four-year-old sister in an attempt to mock President Obama’s comments that businesses rely on elements of the public domain such as roads, bridges, and the internet.


Fox News, the self-proclaimed ‘Fair and Balanced’ network, has deceivingly edited the President’s statement to make it seem like he only said, “if you own a business, you didn’t build that.”  In a two day span, Fox News has done 42 segments and used over two hours of airtime to manufacture a scandal using the edited comments from President Obama’s campaign appearance in Virginia.  

But attempting to get a seven-year-old and four-year-old to support your bogus misrepresentation of the President’s comments?  A new all-time low and a sad commentary on the state of the Fox News network.  The host, Kilmeade, neglected to ask the children about the water they use for the lemonade.  Did the young girls filter contaminants from the water themselves too?  Do they maintain the bridges that trucks use to deliver their lemons?  Does the four-year-old maintain the road they rely on for traffic to their lemonade stand?  Fox News certainly does not want their brainwashed viewers to think about these realities because it proves that Obama’s (full) statement is true.

The Romney campaign is also employing this dishonest tactic (nothing new for them) to use the spliced comment taken out of context in a political ad.



  1. Just when you thought Fox News couldn’t be more of a propaganda machine for the Republican party, they are now resorting to using children to distort Obama’s words. Who watches this shit?

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