FOX News Saddened, Stunned To Call 2012 Election For Obama

VIDEO – FOX News anchors and contributors were noticeably stunned and depressed when they called Ohio and the election for President Obama.

When FOX News called the 2012 election for President Obama, they were noticeably stunned and depressed with the result.  We all know why the “reporters” at the right-wing propaganda machine that is FOX were depressed.  But they were stunned because of what they had all been telling each other for months: that Romney would win, some of them predicting a landslide.  The candidate himself was actually stunned because apparently, they only allowed Mitt Romney to receive reports from within the right-wing echo chamber that he was going to win.

In reality, the polls were telling the story all along.  Before the debates, President Obama had built a significant lead coming out of the conventions.  After the first debate, Romney closed the gap somewhat.  On average, Romney had tied Obama in many of the national polls.  And that is when the conservative news echo chamber began to tell each other that all of their hard work ripping the President was paying off.

But the state polls were telling a different story.  Most of the battleground swing states were showing Obama holding on to his lead even after the first debate.  After the second and third debates, President Obama regained leads in all of the swing states, except Virginia and Florida, where he had drawn to a tie and North Carolina where he was down a few points.

The mathematical facts could not, however, penetrate the FOX News right-wing bubble.  They were convinced the state polls were wrong, that turnout would not be the same as it was in 2008, and that Mitt Romney had momentum which showed up in large crowds he had at rallies.  How could it be so, they thought, after all of the voter suppression efforts and Super PAC commercials that had been choreographed by the GOP?  FOX News itself had spent the last four years tearing down President Obama on every single show on their network.  They had all of their faithful viewers believing Mitt Romney would win on election night.

This call from FOX says it all.  They repeatedly say that Obama won “despite the bad economy” and only because he ran a great campaign.  They refuse to point to the real reasons the President won: strength on foreign policy, the auto bailout, improving economic indicators, and the simple popularity of his policies.  Instead, they said “his campaign overcame” the obstacles.  Britt Hume couldn’t believe President Obama could get re-elected when Obamacare is “unpopular”, as he called it.  Apparently, Hume has not seen the recent polling that shows – despite the best efforts of FOX News – more Americans want to keep or expand Obamacare than those who want it repealed.

Even Ed Henry, as he reported the scene at the Obama election night rally said this, “…despite the fact that unemployment is still hovering around eight percent, this president is going to be re-elected.”  Yes, Henry had to add that line about unemployment as he reported the scene in Chicago.

Well, it turns out a majority of the country understands that Obama’s policies saved the economy from a depression and turned things around.  The Obama campaign was also successful in highlighting the many accomplishments achieved during his first term. Americans know that the economic destruction caused by the Bush administration will take more than four years to fix.  They also could see the obvious: that Mitt Romney is a disingenuous salesman, who was trying to say whatever everyone wanted to hear, but was really only selling the same policies of George W. Bush.  And the American people rejected the policies of Mitt Romney, the GOP, and FOX News in the 2012 election.



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