GOP Changes Party Rules To Block Ron Paul Support At Convention

VIDEO – At the GOP convention in Tampa, the establishment of the Republican party changed their party rules in order to install the establishment candidate (Mitt Romney) and to suppress any grassroots candidates (Ron Paul) and their supporters.  RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus refuses to recognize the Ron Paul delegates request to be heard on the proposed change to party rules.  Rep. John Boehner took a voice vote on rule changes, with the ‘no’ votes clearly louder than the ‘aye’ votes and declares “the ayes have it”.



The Republican Party is doing what they do best: suppressing the vote.  But this time, it is at their own convention.  When Ron Paul supporters used party rules to secure the state of Maine’s delegates, the RNC refused to seat them and replaced them with stand in delegates that would vote for Mitt Romney.  Oh, and they changed the rules of the party so that dissenting viewpoints cannot be heard at future conventions.  The new rules will allow the rich and powerful to install their puppet without grassroots candidates like Ron Paul getting in their way.

Even though the delegates for Ron Paul would not have changed the outcome, they wanted to be heard at the GOP convention.  But, the RNC decided to quash all dissenting viewpoints and ideas to give the appearance of unity.  The establishment of the party represents the billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers who have spent hundreds of millions in order to get their puppet Mitt Romney elected.  The RNC is not going to let the pesky Ron Paul supporters ruin a supposed coronation of Mitt Romney, the candidate backed by the billionaire overlords.


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