GOP Cowards Avoid Questions On Gay Rights

VIDEO: The Republican Party consistently comes out against gay rights and women’s rights, but they refuse to talk about it to the general public. 

They prefer to keep the discussion of their support of discrimination within the right wing media bubble.  When asked about these positions in the general arena, they respond with the talking points that do well in polling – even if they have nothing to do with gay rights or women’s equality.  So, when directly asked about their opposition to gay marriage, they respond with “I want to stay focused on jobs”.  Ask the same question five times and they will answer the same way each time.  They will call for discrimiation to appease the far-right fringe of their party and then refuse to aknowledge that stance when asked about it. John McCain used this tactic in 2008.  Mitt Romney and John Boehner are using it now.

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