GOP Senator Ron Johnson Says Keeping Guns From Demented People Restricts Our Freedom

VIDEO – Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin says there is no way to restrict deranged individuals, such as the gunman in the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting, from getting high powered weapons.  Johnson says attempting to do that would “restrict our freedoms”.   He also says that assault weapons like the AR-15 are for hunting.

Despite the fact that the AR-15 assault rifle used in the Aurora, Colorado theater massacre was outlawed by the national assault weapons ban that Republicans allowed to expire in 2004, Sen. Johnson claims we “can’t prevent” deranged individuals from obtaining these weapons.  So, apparently Johnson is trying to say that while we can outlaw the ability of someone to buy or sell heroin over the internet in the U.S., we cannot do the same with assault rifles and 100-round ammo drums (which the shooter purchased over the internet).

Johnson argues that concealed carry gun laws make criminals fear that someone could stop them. Does Johnson really believe that the psychopath that committed the atrocity in the Aurora shooting would have been “afraid someone could stop him”?

Senator Johnson then, like Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), “wonders” if there would have been less dead and wounded if the citizens in the theater had been packing guns.  He is the third Tea Party member to use this line in the last few days.  Is it a NRA talking point they have been given?  In all of their wondering, they never wonder aloud if a room full of  “average Joes” firing guns in a dark theater filled with tear gas could possibly have made things worse.

Sen. Johnson and Rep. Gohmert need to stop using this tragedy to promote their NRA talking points.  No one knows that anything would be better or worse if many people with no training in law enforcement were firing into the chaos of that theater.


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