IL Primary Exit Poll: Super PAC Ads Making An Impact

Negative Super PAC ads are doing their job in the 2012 GOP primary.  In CNN exit polling of yesterday’s Illinois GOP primary, 73% of voters said campaign ads were a factor in their vote.  Mitt Romney and his Super PAC outspent Rick Santorum and his Super PAC by a 7-1 margin on mostly negative ads in Illinois.

How it works:
Independent voters, who may be considering voting for your opponent, will question that support after viewing some of the negative ads.  Even if they are strongly opposed to your candidate, they may find that they cannot bring themselves to vote for the opponent due to issues raised in the ads.  So, even if they are adamant about not voting for your candidate, their new questions about your opponent will cause them to just stay home.  It is another example of the power of negative Super PAC and Front Group ads!


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