Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS Caught Lying In Ad Against ND Senator Heitkamp

VIDEO – Crossroads GPS is caught lying in their ad against Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-North Dakota) and is forced to take the ad down.  The Karl Rove group, funded by secret donations, will spend $4.2 million to run similar TV ads against Democratic Senators and candidates in Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Nevada, and Virginia.


In the ad, Crossroads GPS made up the completely false charge that when Heitkamp was attorney general of North Dakota during the 1990s, she spent taxpayer money on private airplanes.  Heitkamp called the statement “completely false” and asked TV stations to quit running it.  The planes were given to the state for free from the federal government as part of a drug trafficking surveillance program.

Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS group is willing to lie in their ads in an effort to confuse the local public about their Senators.  There is no evidence that there was any penalty whatsoever for this, other than making them take the ad down.  Without serious penalties, what is to stop Crossroads GPS from running these ads the day before the election?  The penalty is just ‘take it down’?

Crossroads GPS already abuses the IRS non-profit designation they have in order to keep their donors secret.  The result, is a shadowy group run by Karl Rove using dark money from secret donors to fund political ads based on falsehoods.  Obviously, the secret donors are not secret to Karl Rove or the puppet politicians who benefit from Rove’s lying ads.  If Rove can deliver them a victory in November, the secret funders will have a rubber stamp in Congress to work on their behalf.


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