McCain Defends Aurora, Colorado Shooter’s Constitutional Right To Build Arsenal

VIDEO – Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) cites Constitutional rights to dismiss passing any legislation to prevent someone like the Colorado theater gunman from stockpiling an arsenal.  He went on to say that tougher gun laws are not the answer, citing the 2011 massacre in Norway, because they “have very strict gun control laws”.

McCain’s use of an isolated incident in Norway to support his position against adding any additional gun control laws ignores the fact that Norway has a very low homicide rate compared to the U.S.  For example, in 2005 the nation of 4.9 million had five homicides committed with a gun.  In comparison, the U.S., which has a population more than 50 times greater, had 10,158 gun-related murders the same year, or 2,000 times that of Norway.

His use of Constitutional rights to support his opposition to gun control  is pure hypocrisy:  McCain voted multiple times in favor of the PATRIOT Act’s provisions to allow the wiretapping of American citizens without a warrant.  So according to John McCain, he has no problem completely ignoring the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, but passing any sensible laws to control a madman from stockpiling weapons and ammo for his shooting massacre is out of the question because it would violate the Constitution.


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