McCain Dishonestly Says Romney Is Being Outspent By Obama; David Gregory Doesn’t Challenge

VIDEO – Yesterday, on Meet The Press with David Gregory, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) used a dishonest Republican tactic and said that President Obama’s negative ad campaigning has “much outspent Mitt Romney’s”.  That is only true if you ignore the biggest factor in this year’s campaign: super PACs and front groups.  These “outside” groups (they are really inside groups run by former campaign aids and party operatives like Karl Rove) have spent $238 million on the 2012 general election campaign. And about $205 million (86%) spent by super PACs and front groups in the presidential election is spent on ads blasting President Obama or supporting Romney.

To compare, 86% of President Obama’s ads are bought by the campaign itself versus just 25% of pro-Romney/anti-Obama ads bought by the Romney campaign.  John McCain of all people, the former hawk of campaign finance reform, knows that the billionaires are financing these groups run by Karl Rove and the Koch brothers in favor of Mitt Romney and other Republican puppets.

It is dishonest for McCain to sit there on Meet The Press and infer that “poor Romney” is being outspent.  In the past month, Romney and pro-Romney groups have outspent Obama and pro-Obama groups by nearly 2-to-1.  For the week of August 13-19, the Romney advantage is 2.5-to-1, or $25.8 million to $11.1 million.

But the icing on the cake for this video clip, which is not seen because it is cut off after McCain finishes his dishonest speech, but that is when host David Gregory ends the interview.  The supposed “impartial” host does not challenge McCain’s lies in any way.  Just after the end of this video clip, he thanks McCain for being on and ends it.  Gregory is also fully aware that Karl Rove’s Crossroads groups (American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS) alone have spent over $100 million already in the campaign against Obama and Democrats.  But, David Gregory is a right-wing shill and does not want his viewers to know the truth about the campaign ad spending in this election.




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