Mitt Romney – Binders Full Of Women Song

VIDEO – Mitt Romney does his Binders Full Of Women rap song.


Watch Mitt Romney rap in this song, “Binders Full Of Women”.

Answering a debate question about equal pay for women, President Obama noted that the first bill he signed into law as president was a law for equal pay for women.  Romney has not supported the law.  Romney’s answer to the same question?  When he was looking to fill his cabinet in Massachusetts, he had to ask someone to provide him with “binders full of women” because he didn’t know enough qualified women from his experience in business.

Romney made it seem like he initiated the search for women to fill his cabinet.  But a fact check found that a group called MassGAP produced the “binders of women” to promote women in the state’s government before Romney was elected.  Romney did not initiate the search for women, as he stated in his answer at the debate.

Anyway, his “binders full of women” quote was biggest trending topic on Twitter and Facebook after the debate.


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