Mitt Romney Discusses Ann Romney’s Dressage Horse With Sean Hannity

VIDEO – This video of Romney with Fox News’ Sean Hannity shows that not only does Mitt know a lot about dressage horses, he even has his own horse.


In a feeble attempt to pretend he is not an elitist, Mitt Romney recently denied knowing which day Ann Romney’s horse, “Rafalca”, would be competing in dressage at the London Olympic Games.  Romney told Brian Williams in an interview on NBC News, “it’s a big, exciting experience for my wife. I have to tell you, this is Ann’s sport,” he said. “I’m not even sure which day the sport goes on. She will get the chance to see it, I will not be watching the event. I hope her horse does well. But just the honor of being here and representing our country and seeing the other Olympians is … something which I’m sure the people that are associated with this are looking forward to.”

But in this pre-interview segment with Sean Hannity, he clearly shows that horse ownership is a big part of the Romney family.   Mitt and Ann Romney traveled to Europe together to purchase dressage horses and Ann is a regular attendee at competitions involving one of her horses.  Over the years, Ann Romney has owned at least eight dressage horses.

Mitt Romney may deny knowing anything about “his wife’s hobby”, but during the Dressage World Cup in April, Rafalca performed to music personally chosen by Mitt Romney, a choice that is a significant part of the competition otherwise known as “horse ballet”.



  1. Mitt Romney tries to pretend he doesn’t know anything about dressage, a hobby of the ultra-rich, but he PICKED THE SONG Ann Romney’s dressage horse “danced” to at one of the competitions.
    Oh yeah, and he’s a big NASCAR and NFL fan…..
    Is this a joke? Why are they trying to pretend they know anything about “regular” people? Or a better question: Who is actually buying this charade?

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