Mitt Romney Dyed His Face Brown For Univision TV Appearance

VIDEO – Mitt Romney has made numerous attempts to pander to Latino voters, but he is trailing by nearly 40 points to President Obama among the crucial group of voters.  It seems his and his party’s anti-Latino policies do not go over well with Latino American voters.  Go figure.

The Republican convention featured almost every possible Hispanic GOP elected official as a speaker.  One of Mitt Romney’s sons gave a speech in Spanish.  And Mitt Romney has said many times that his father was born in Mexico.  But during these speeches about his father’s birthplace, Romney fails to mention that his father was born south of the border because his Mormon family fled from America to Mexico so they could practice polygamy, which was outlawed in America.

Romney’s attempts to gain support among Hispanic voters with blatant pandering are crushed by the weight of his many anti-Latino policies and statements:

Mitt Romney’s hard line stances on immigration issues are a reflection of the xenophobic Republican party he represents.  The GOP strategy of pandering to bigots and stoking fears that “illegals are taking their jobs away”, etc., has not been lost on the Latino population.  Many U.S. House seats, state legislature seats, and gubernatorial elections were won by Republicans who took a hard line on immigration and used these  race-baiting tactics.

But suddenly, their party’s nominee for president needs these same Latinos they have been demonizing to also vote for him if he is to have any chance to win the election.  Do they really think a few convention speeches in Spanish and Romney dying his face brown on Univision will get Latinos to forget all of the awful things Republicans have said about them for the past four years?  Not likely.


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