Mitt Romney Embraces Ryan Plan: Cut Programs For The Poor, Give Tax Cuts To The Rich

VIDEO – In an interview on FOX News, Mitt Romney states his full support for the Paul Ryan budget plan that cuts Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and Pell Grants, while cutting taxes for the richest Americans.  Somehow (without laughing), Romney says he doesn’t think dramatically slashing these programs will affect the people who depend on them.

He doesn’t think they will affect people who depend on them, or doesn’t care?

In the interview, Romney admits his own plan mirrors Paul Ryan’s plan.  In addition to ending Medicare as we know it, Romney would cut $700 billion in Medicaid, which the poor rely on for health care.  He would also cut $127 billion from food stamps, a program the working (yes, working) poor use to supplement their income to feed their families.  In 2009 study, it was found that 49 percent of all U.S. children will receive food-stamp benefits sometime before they are 20 years old.  Mitt Romney would also cut 50% from Pell Grants, a program helping low-income students fund college.

Romney is proposing all of these cuts to assistance for the poor and middle class while also proposing to give a huge tax cut for the ultra-wealthy top 1%.  Yes, Mitt Romney is living up to his statement that he is “not concerned about the very poor” and his selection of Paul Ryan as his Vice President underscores his lack of concern for anyone other than the rich Wall Street hedge fund managers who finance him.



  1. James Rotunda says:

    It’s about time the food stamp program is cut, I’ve been well below the federal poverty level, my entire life. I have never even thought of applying for welfare benefits of any kind, I go out everyday and collect aluminum cans, and have been doing so, since age twelve…If I can do it, anyone can!…In countries where there is no welfare programs, the aluminum can recycling rate is nearly 100%…It is time that happens here!

    • Jeff Vonagan says:

      Yeah, that certainly sounds like a Republican plan for the poor: cut assistance to poor families (while giving tax cuts to billionaires) and have the starving millions of people collect aluminum cans for their food. GOP: “You don’t need food assistance! Just go collect cans, young 8-year-old!” Right – the mother of three, who works two jobs and is raising kids can go out and collect cans in alleys? Or have her kids do it? So, you are saying it is time the practices of third-world countries happen here. Well, if we keep implementing Republican policies, we will be the 3rd-world country you are asking for. But, as you say, on the bright side, we would have a 100% aluminum can recycling rate. WOW!

  2. It just makes my blood boil when you see foodstamps being used for steak, deli, pop, candy, gum, and the list goes on. WE NEED TO STAG A PICK-IT IN FRONT OF JFS NATIONWIDE. People start voicing your dilike at the register when you see this happening, and the stores may start to get the message.

    • Does it make your blood boil when you see defense contractors getting sweetheart backroom deals with Federal money? Does it make your blood boil when you see oil companies that are making record profits getting government subsides? You should stage your picket (or “pick-it” as you call it) in front of the Pentagon because that is where all of your precious tax dollars are being wasted. No, but a small-minded person like you is worried about someone getting their kids some candy or gum with their food stamps. You probably want them to only eat gruel, right? I am sure you are one of these hypocrites that calls herself a “Christian”, but cannot stand the fact that someone who is starving would get assistance with your precious tax dollars. Take a look in the mirror. Or maybe, you will fall on hard times someday and need food stamps and a judgmental bitch like yourself will yell at you in the checkout line.

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