Mitt Romney Fails Commander In Chief Test In Final Debate

VIDEO – In the foreign policy debate, Mitt Romney failed to show that he has any foreign policy experience or plan.  In fact, Romney changed most of his foreign policy positions, including on Afghanistan, to agree with President Obama.  Romney was blasting Obama on setting a date for withdrawal from Afghanistan as recently as last week, but suddenly switched his position to agree with the president’s 2014 date to withdraw from that war in a cynical political move.

In the third and final presidential debate, which focused on foreign policy, Mitt Romney completely failed the Commander In Chief test.  Romney showed a complete lack of understanding on many foreign policy issues.  He actually called Syria “Iran’s route to the sea”.  Any check of a world map would show that Syria does not even border Iran, which has it’s own border with the sea.

But it didn’t stop there.  As in his convention speech, Romney did not even mention the troops or veterans during the foreign policy debate.  Not once.  This is a man who is campaigning to be the Commander In Chief of American armed forces and he did not even think to mention the troops or our veterans in a foreign policy debate.

To say Mitt Romney is “light on foreign policy” would be the understatement of the year.  Mitt Romney basically sat in the debate and agreed with all of President Obama’s foreign policies.  He just took back everything he has been saying for the past two years on foreign policy.  Never mind that Romney has spent the entire campaign sounding like a war hawk with tough talk about Iran, Syria, and even Russia. The Romney campaign has made a political calculation that the American public either won’t notice that he has changed all of his rhetoric two weeks before the election or that the public just doesn’t care about foreign policy.

Romney is trying to run as a CEO businessman, not as Commander In Chief.  But as Rachel Maddow points out in the video segment, you don’t get to choose what kind of presidency you have.  You can’t just ignore foreign policy and focus only on the economy.  Commander In Chief is one of the most (if not the most) important parts of the job of president and to completely ignore it the way Mitt Romney has is astounding.

During the Vietnam War, Mitt Romney “supported” the war and even demonstrated on his campus in favor of it, but never elected to serve in it.  Then, in order to avoid the draft, Romney went on a three year Mormon mission to France.  You see, Romney has no problem doing this because he is a member of the privileged elite and the only use he has for soldiers is to use them as political props for his presidential campaign.

Mitt Romney is trying to slide into the White House to cut the taxes for his rich Wall Street friends and is willing to say anything to low-information voters to get there.  He has done this on virtually everything from abortion to immigration to even the taxes that he has vowed to cut for the top 1%.  Romney has no convictions and no grasp of foreign affairs.  He has proven to be just a puppet of Sheldon Adelson and Wall Street.  Hopefully, the American people (even the low-information voters) will see this clearly by election day.  Romney’s complete disregard of foreign issues would create a vacuum that would be filled by hawks from the Bush Administration.  And everyone knows what happened the last time they were in charge of America’s foreign policy.


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