Mitt Romney Has To Beg Crowd To Chant His Name At Ohio Rally

VIDEO – As a crowd at a rally in Ohio starts to chant “Ryan, Ryan” for VP nominee Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney intervenes and attempts to lead them in a “Romney, Ryan” chant.  The result was a weak murmur that tailed off after Romney stopped leading them to repeat his chant.  Yes, Mitt Romney had to lead a chant of his own name at his rally.

This is just embarrassing.  A testament to the lack of enthusiasm for Mitt Romney, he has to direct “Romney” chants for himself at his own rally.  Can anyone remember a presidential candidate trying to lead chants of his own name?  Even sadder, he was upstaged by his running mate Paul Ryan and felt compelled to remind the crowd that he is at the top of the ticket.  Did Mitt resent the fact that his running mate was getting more love than he was?

In the last presidential election campaign the GOP candidate was also often upstaged by his VP choice.  But John McCain never actually stopped the crowds chanting Sarah Palin’s name to then insert his own name and lead them in a chant.  In fact, this may be the first footage ever of a presidential candidate attempting to lead a chant of his own name.  Utterly sad.



  1. You know that is a fake video right dumb ass? MSNBC admitted it was audio from a different even over the video that is why yours is edited to not show paul Ryan giving Mitt the its ok sign. They were chanting Romney and Mitt said no it is Romney/Ryan. I am glad you are too stupid to know.

  2. HA! Nice try there, wingnut. This video is not from MSNBC – it is from C-SPAN and it is a REAL video. Whatever the case, the phony used car salesman was cheering his own name. Sad. Almost as sad as the right wing trying to explain this awkward campaign appearance away. Oh, and the polls are rigged too, right?

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