Mitt Romney Is Against Medical Marijuana – Says He Will Fight It If Elected President

VIDEO – Mitt Romney states his position on the legalization of pot at a town hall in New Hampshire.  “If you elect me President, you’re not going to see legalized marijuana.  I’m going to fight it tooth and nail.”   Romney also called marijuana the “entryway into a drug culture”.  



Once again, Mitt Romney proves he is out of touch with the majority of Americans.  In a recent Rasmussen nationwide poll of likely voters, 56% favor legalizing and regulating marijuana in a similar manner to the way alcohol and tobacco cigarettes are regulated.  Also from the poll,  most also don’t believe it should be a crime for people to smoke marijuana in the privacy of their own homes.

Meanwhile, executives from supplement companies – selling everything from energy drinks to weight-loss pills made from African mango-seed extracts – are seeking to keep their loosely regulated products from having to pass FDA inspections and are among the ranks of Mitt Romney’s top fundraisers, a USA TODAY analysis shows.  The virtually unregulated supplement industry knows Romney will always take the side of the businesses that fund him over the safety of their customers.


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