Mitt Romney Is Not Concerned About America’s Poor

VIDEO – Mitt Romney dicusses his level of concern about America’s poor.



  1. Brian bradley says:

    In the line of thinking of the person who wants us all to collect aluminum cans to put food on the table there are more people than cans and we would all starve includeing you.See the poor and working poor dont have time between working a minimum wage job and probably a part time job. Aside from that you have to be a parent as well where does one have the time for all of that so thats your answer huh and what about medicare /medicaid what in your great wisdom should we collect for that maybe you and your infamouse wisdom will provide another ingenious idea i know lets start sweat shops so our children can get off of their lazy asses and earn 50 cents a day for medicine you see mitt romney is for the ultra rich and believe me he doesnt give a crap about you if you’re not …ULTRA WEALTHY!!!!

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