Mitt Romney Flip Flops On Most Issues

VIDEO – Mitt Romney has flip flopped on just about every issue there is.  Watching this video, it is clear he will say anything to get elected so he can do the bidding of his billionaire donors and Bain Capital buddies.

When you are trying to get a Wall Street puppet elected so you can expand tax breaks for billionaires and giant corporations, you need a candidate that is able to change positions on any issue, depending on his audience that day.  Wall Street and big corporations have Mitt Romney; a man that has no problem changing his opinion on a moment’s notice.  He is even willing to denounce his own health care program (that is by most accounts popular and successful).  In fact, you can find footage of Romney taking either side of almost any issue you can think of. 

Romney got elected governor of Massachusetts running as a moderate Republican and is now calling himself a “severe conservative” as he panders to the far-right wing during the GOP primary.  His advisers have assured us that, like an Etch-A-Sketch, he will shake (erase) his “severe conservative” stances from the primary and move back to the center to run as a moderate for the general election.  The truth is, no one really knows what he actually stands for.  But billionaires know he stands for them.  As long as their puppet does what they paid him millions to do – save their tax loopholes, deregulate the oil and banking industries, remove environmental protections, and end worker’s rights – they will be getting their return on investment.



  1. Hated this video before watching it. LOVE this video after watching it!
    Mitt, you are a douchebag. Learn how to walk like a man before you do anything else.
    On second thought stay the way you are. Keep up the good work. Your Party is a joke and has ZERO chance of winning in November.
    Obama sucks but you’re a crazy fool.

    JK (not just kidding)

  2. The funny thing is that the Tea Party basically screwed themselves into nominating this guy. You know normally I would never be one to accuse the American populace of being politically engaged… but conservatives far and wide really did hate this guy. This guy was such a blatant flip-flopper and “moderate” (which of course is one of the most disparaging words in the Republican lexicon) that pretty much every person in his base knew it. Amazing.

    And then when they looked around and realized that the alternatives represented escapees from the local insane asylum… pretty much they’re balls receded and they said “Whoops, Romney it is.” If we weren’t trying to claw our way out of the hole left by the worst recession since the great depression, there probably wouldn’t be much of a contest here.

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