Official Republican Party Platform: No Abortions For Rape Victims

VIDEO – The Republican Party declares in their official platform that they are against abortion in all cases – even for victims of rape and incest.


The GOP platform committee chairman, Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia, supported a state law requiring all women seeking an abortion to submit to an ultrasound examination using a vaginal probe.  McDonnell is also against allowing rape and incest victims to get abortions.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) not only shares McDonnell’s extreme views on abortion, but he also co-sponsored legislation with Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) that sought to redefine rape.  The bill was written to change the parameters of what kind of rape would qualify for the exemption of the GOP abortion ban, creating a term called “forcible rape”.

But since Akin’s recent admission in a TV interview that he (and many other anti-abortion extremists) believes that a woman cannot get pregnant if she is a victim of “legitimate rape”, Paul Ryan has attempted to lie about his support for the same type of laws.

Mitt Romney, who has changed his position on abortion for every election cycle he has been involved with, recently stated his support for a personhood amendment to the Constitution that would declare human constitutional rights for a fertilized egg.  Now, Romney is also trying to lie about his support for laws that would deny abortions to rape victims.

Since Akin exposed the Republican Party’s extreme views and the public backlash that followed, many Republicans called for Akin to get out of the race for Senate.  The party and its affiliated Super PACs and front groups run by Karl Rove have withdrawn money from his candidacy.  Even Paul Ryan, his co-sponsor for so many anti-abortion bills in the House, is now calling for Akin to leave the race.

They are not calling for Akin to get out because of his views, but because they know he is now going to lose.  If they were so appalled by his views, they would not have supported him in the first place because his views have not changed in decades.  His views are exactly in line with the Republican party platform: they would force rape and incest victims to give birth to their attacker’s baby.  The GOP establishment just doesn’t want someone like Todd Akin reminding the American people that the Republican party is run by religious right extremists.



  1. Jennifer M says:

    Forcing women who are brutalized and raped to have their rapists babies? That is disgusting and should not be a decision in the hands of men who don’t give birth. Truly ignorant and disgusting!

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