Paul Ryan Booed Repeatedly At AARP Conference

VIDEO – Republican VP nominee, Paul Ryan is repeatedly booed while speaking to the AARP National Annual Conference.  The line that drew the most boos was when Ryan called for the repeal of Obamacare.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) has a long history of wanting to end Medicare and Social Security.  When Mitt Romney picked Ryan as his VP running mate, Mitt Romney endorsed Ryan’s extreme right-wing ideas.  Even before selecting Ryan, Mitt Romney was on the record supporting the Ryan budget that would turn Medicare into a voucher program, requiring seniors to give up their healthcare guarantee in exchange for a coupon to use towards private health insurance.

It seems America’s seniors like Medicare and do not want Romney and Ryan messing with it.  Of course, Romney and Ryan know this so they frame their proposal as “not affecting anyone who receives Medicare benefits today”.  But that argument assumes that seniors don’t care about what happens to their children or grandchildren.  Do Romney and Ryan think seniors are OK with the dismantling of Medicare for their children?  If they do, they are sadly mistaken.

But the Republican party is hellbent on killing Medicare because their insurance company and big pharma overlords want to profit from the sickness of  senior citizens (and everyone else).  With a retiring baby boomer population starting to receive their Medicare benefits, the insurance companies are drooling over the potential profits they could make if everyone was forced to find private health insurance.  And Paul Ryan has been their warrior for a long time.  Even Ryan’s wife was a health insurance lobbyist.

So, it is no wonder the crowd at the AARP was booing the 42-year-old Paul Ryan when he proposed repealing the much needed reforms of the healthcare system in America under Obamacare.  Reforms that were finally put into place by the Obama Administration, such as ending the lifetime cap on health insurance and ending the discrimination of coverage for people with pre-existing conditions are considered good things to most people.  The people that appreciate these healthcare reforms the most (and healthcare coverage in general) are the seniors of America.  And that is why they are running away from the Romney-Ryan ticket in droves.


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