Paul Ryan Caught Lying: Asked For Stimulus Money After Saying He Was Against Stimulus

VIDEO – Paul Ryan is caught lying twice about requesting stimulus funds to help create jobs in his district.  Ryan lied once on a radio show back in 2010 and again in an interview on Thursday when confronted about his requests for stimulus funds.  Ryan denied requesting money from the stimulus until he got caught.  He wrote and signed a letter in October 2009 to the Department of Labor requesting the funds.


Paul Ryan, like Eric Cantor and many of his other Republican House colleagues, demonized the stimulus as a waste of taxpayer money.  Then, these hypocrites turned right around and begged for the money to help create jobs in their districts.  Many of them even posed for photo ops giving out the funds with giant cardboard checks.

Paul Ryan is such a fraud that he even said in 2010, “No, I’m not one of those people who votes for something, then writes to the government to ask them to send us money.  I did not request any stimulus money.”

The stimulus saved the American economy from complete collapse and another Great Depression.  It saved many jobs that would have been lost had nothing been done (as the GOP proposed) and also created a good number of jobs to stop the bleeding of job losses from the Bush Recession.  But once again, the Republicans in Congress uniformly opposed President Obama on the stimulus, as they have on everything, even when they know his programs will help the economy.

These GOP puppets for the ultra-rich and big corporations are paid to do or say anything to make President Obama look bad.  Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), admitted that the number one goal he was setting for his party in Congress was to “make Obama a one-term President”.  Why would that be their goal versus trying to make progress on the economy and get America back to work?  Because their corporate overlords need to get President Obama out of their way so they can return to George W. Bush-style corporate welfare, deregulation, and huge tax cuts that favor them.  Reducing unemployment actually goes against their goal to get rid of Obama.  In fact, they know that the higher unemployment is, the better the chance is for Republicans to take power so they can do the bidding for their corporate masters.


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