Paul Ryan Debated In Favor Of Stimulus Bill On House Floor In 2002

VIDEO – Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) pleaded for his Republican colleagues to “drop the demagoguery” and pass the Bush stimulus in 2002.  He said the stimulus would “create jobs and help the unemployed”.  Of course, when it came time to pass President Obama’s stimulus in 2009, Paul Ryan demonized stimulus spending, but was then caught begging for stimulus money for his district.  He then lied about requesting the money in 2010 and earlier this year, was caught lying about it, and then admitted he requested the money.


Paul Ryan on stimulus bills and “Keynesian economics” on the House floor  in 2002:

  • “[Stimulus bills], when they’ve passed in the past, have grown the economy and got people back to work.”
  • “In recessions, unemployment lags on even well after a recovery has taken place.”
  • “[stimulus bills] are time-tested, bi-partisan solutions”

This footage of Paul Ryan from 2002 clearly proves that his current, “deficit hawk” supporter of austerity measures persona is just something that is convenient for him now.  In 2010, in the wave of  Tea Party anti-Obama sentiment, Paul Ryan blasted the stimulus as a “failed idea” and “government waste” that “doesn’t work”.  However, as we see in this footage from 2002, Paul Ryan knows that government stimulus spending is necessary when an economy is recovering from a recession.  He knows that falling unemployment lags well behind a recovery and the added injection of stimulus into the economy helps families survive until the recovery is fully realized.

Paul Ryan is the perfect running mate for Mitt Romney.  They both have flip-flopped on important issues when they want to get elected and expand their power.  The bottom line is they are funded by billionaires and Wall Street, and they will say anything – even if it is the complete opposite of what they have said in the past – in order to do the bidding for their corporate overlords.

One has to wonder what the Romney-Ryan duo actually believes in on a variety of issues.  There is one thing that both of them have remained consistent on: they both want to cut programs that benefit the middle class and raise taxes on the poor and middle class so they can give huge tax breaks to the richest Americans.



  1. I don’t agree with you. Paul Ryan’s main appeal is his willingness to engage in entitlement reform which is very important for the long term health of the U.S. economy. That’s why I think the Romney/Ryan ticket would be a better choice not only for the U.S. but for my country as well. Most Canadians were disappointed when President Obama didn’t approve the Keystone pipeline project and thus destroyed a promising prospect on the way to the economic recovery in both countries. More importantly, the interconnection between Canada and the U.S. is benefical not only for our national economy as a whole but also for the economic development in Canada’s regions which could best be seen when the recovery in the U.S. motor vehicle market positively influenced Toronto’s leading automotive industry. However, I’m afraid that Obama’s decisions could threaten such positive economic development and worsen the relationship between Canada and the U.S.

    • What is there to agree about? Ryan (in this video) begged in 2002 for the GOP to pass a stimulus for George Bush, saying “when they’ve passed in the past, have grown the economy and got people back to work.” Then, he blasted the stimulus because Obama was now president (and then begged for money to go to his district). Ryan is a fraud.

      So you are a Canadian that wants us to have an Administration that will make it easier for your country to export oil to China and India. Ah, we don’t want them to end Medicare so you can have a pipeline through our country.

      You have public healthcare and you want us to adopt Paul Ryan’s plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system? Gee, thanks.

      Your own argument about the auto industry is funny, because it was Obama that saved the auto industry when Romney wanted to “let Detroit go bankrupt”. So there, I agree. President Obama’s saving the auto industry was a good thing for both countries. Good thing Romney was not president because both of our countries (as you said) would have suffered.

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