Paul Ryan Flip-Flops On Rape Views; Romney Agrees With ‘Forcible Rape’ Doctor

VIDEOPaul Ryan’s position on abortion is the same as Todd Akin’s: outlaw abortion for rape and incest victims.  The two Congressmen co-sponsored a bill that would redefine rape in order to prohibit abortions for rape victims.  But in an interview, Ryan pretended he does not share Akin’s views and refused to address the question about the Ryan-Akin bill.  Also, the source of Todd Akin’s view that a woman cannot get pregnant from what he calls a “legitimate rape” is Dr. John Willke.  The anti-abortion doctor met with Mitt Romney in October 2011 when Romney told Willke, “Thank you for your support – we agree on almost everything, and if I am elected President I will make some major pro-life pronouncements.”


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