Paul Ryan Refuses To Tell How They Would Pay For Tax Cuts For The Rich

VIDEO – In this interview on Fox News, Paul Ryan dodges Chris Wallace’s question about how the Romney Ryan tax cuts for the rich would be paid for.  Ryan insists their plan is “revenue neutral”, but they refuse to disclose details.  Ryan tried to get out of it by saying he didn’t have time to discuss the math.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan think they can get away with not telling the public what their plans are when it comes to their tax plan.  Romney and Ryan want middle class Americans to pay more taxes so they can lower taxes on the rich.  This is what they call “broadening the base”, code for raising taxes on poor and middle class Americans who are currently not earning enough money to pay federal income taxes (they do pay payroll taxes, state taxes, and sales taxes).

Romney and Ryan want to eliminate tax deductions that the middle class benefits from, such as the mortgage interest deduction, so they can lower taxes for their rich overlords.  Paul Ryan consistently claims the plan is “revenue neutral”, but he refuses to prove it.  Back in August, Ryan tried to dodge questions about their tax plan by saying he “[had] not run the numbers yet“.  So now, six weeks later, Ryan says he doesn’t have time to explain the numbers.

The bottom line: there are no numbers that add up in the Romney-Ryan tax giveaways to the rich.  It is simply a continuation of George W. Bush’s policy to give away as much as possible to the rich and believe that is enough to fix everything.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are trying to run out the clock on the election, refusing to give any details of their plans and even refusing to show the American people Romney’s tax returns.

Even conservatives have had enough of their evasive nonsense.  They have tried to run the numbers themselves and can’t find a way to make it anything other than a huge giveaway to the rich and a big increase in the deficit.  And two host on Fox News have attempted to get specifics of the plan and Paul Ryan refused to give answers both times.



  1. I’m sorry but if he is chasing votes he needs to ‘do the math’ and make it clear to people how this will be funded. Is it really wise though, taxing the poor(er) people in a recession?

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