Play On Religious Fundamentalism to Win South

There is no easier way to lock up the South for Big Oil and Wall Street candidates than singing the tune of religion.  When candidates say they don’t believe in evolution, are against gays, or that they will promote prayer in public schools, they are actually pandering to a majority in the deep South.

In a poll conducted March 10-11, 2012, by Public Policy Polling, 60% of likely Republican voters in Alabama said they do not believe in evolution versus only 26% that do believe in evolution.  Not to be outdone, 66% of likely Republican voters in Mississippi said they do not believe in evolution versus 22% that do.

In that same poll of likely Republican voters, when asked “Do you think Barack Obama is a Christian or a Muslim, or are you not sure?” 45% of Alabama respondents said Obama is ‘Muslim’ and 41% answered ‘not sure’.  In Mississippi (they outdid you again, Alabama), 52% answered ‘Muslim’ and 36% said ‘not sure’.

Can it get any easier to get these people to vote for the profits of Big Oil and to deregulate the banking system for Wall Street?  They already have them believing Barack Obama is a Muslim.  All a candidate has to say is “I don’t believe in evolution”, “there should be prayer in public schools”, or something about Sharia Law and they’ve got their vote.  What a gift for them to have so many voters completely ignore their economic policies that are against their interests! This is their strategy to lock up the entire South and fill the Congress with the minions of Big Oil and Wall Street.



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