Republicans Have Tried To Deny Abortions To Rape Victims For Over 30 Years

VIDEO – GOP Rep. Paul Ryan and Rep. Todd Akin co-sponsored a House bill that seeks to redefine rape in an effort to deny rape victims the right to an abortion.  They follow the longtime Republican tradition of attempting to force rape and incest victims to give birth to their attacker’s babies.  The national Republican party platform has been against abortions for rape and incest victims since 1976.  The video starts with some of the outrageous and disgusting comments from Republican politicians over the last 30 years.


The third bill the Republican House drafted in their 2011 return to the majority (H.R. 3) was a bill to redefine rape and make it harder for rape victims to get an abortion.  Paul Ryan was a co-sponsor of the bill.  Paul Ryan has consistently been against abortion for rape and incest victims throughout his entire career.  He and Mitt Romney support a “personhood” amendment to the Constitution that would outlaw abortion in cases of rape and incest.



  1. Mitt forced a women to give away child after mormon soft rape !
    Mitt is a lifetime Mormon cult servant, Sunday teacher , priest.
    200 Rep. signed such abortion bill. 200 Reps. signed this mideval view. read the bill!

    Mitt can never separate religion form politics. religions was business life for Mitt. President Mitt the priest is middle east age like…just many more crusades…

    Mitt doesn”t fit.

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