Restore Our Future Took Banned Contributions From Federal Contractors

Well, it looks like Mitt Romney’s Super PAC, Restore Our Future, took $890,000 from federal contractors.  Even the Godfather of Super PACs, Karl Rove, won’t accept funding from federal contractors at American Crossroads (they have to make secret donations to the front group, Crossroads GPS). 

That used to be illegal, but since the Citizen’s United decision, the confused and ineffective FEC can’t figure out what is or isn’t illegal.  A law passed by Congress in 1940 made it illegal for individuals and companies with government contracts to make federal contributions and also barred solicitation of such contributions. A 1976 FEC regulation expanded the ban to prohibit federal contractors from making expenditures in support of candidates for federal office.

None of that will stop Restore Our Future.  They are running a clinic on how to exploit one of the many gray areas after the Citizens United decision.  And by the time the courts figure out if it is constitutional or not, this election will be over.


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