Romney Bused In Supporters For Univision Audience And Censored His Introduction

VIDEO – The Romney campaign bused in supporters to be in the audience of his appearance on Univision.  Mitt Romney also “threw a tantrum” because he objected to the anchor’s introduction and did not go onstage until they agreed to redo the introduction.

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The Spanish language television network Univision recently held two taping sessions for their “Meet the Candidates” forum, one for Mitt Romney and another for President Obama.  Romney only agreed to be interviewed for 35 minutes and Obama agreed to the full hour.  When the anchor noted the difference in his introduction of Romney, the candidate “threw a tantrum” and refused to come out after being introduced, insisting that they tape the introduction again.

Also, the forum was supposed to be attended by college students from the University of Miami, in the spirit of the forum’s education theme.  But when the Romney campaign could not find enough supporters on campus, they insisted that they should be able to bring in their own supporters to fill the seats.  Mitt Romney threatened to reschedule the event unless his demands were met.  Eventually, the Univision network caved to his demands and allowed the Romney campaign to bus in their supporters from around the state.

The result of the planted supporters was a rowdy crowd that resembled a campaign rally instead of the serious interview format that it was intended to be.  The hosts were taken aback by the chanting crowd.  Some of their tough questions of the candidate were booed, while the crowd cheered wildly – ignoring the rules of the forum – for everything Romney said.  Mitt Romney even dyed his face brown to look more appealing to Latinos.

In contrast, the Obama campaign followed the rules of the forum, which resulted in a polite and silent crowd during his appearance on Univision.  Noting the disparity in the enthusiasm of the crowd, campaign staffers declared the dueling appearances on Univision a victory for Romney and an indication of support for him over the President.

But given the fact that Mitt Romney’s positions on the issues are widely unpopular with Hispanics – he trails Obama among Latino voters by over 40 points – his dirty tricks and blatant pandering were as obvious to the Univision audience as they have been to every other audience, with the exception of FOX News viewers.


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