Romney Campaign Admits Obamacare Saves People’s Healthcare

VIDEO – Mitt Romney campaign spokesperson, Andrea Saul, admits on Fox News that people living in Massachusetts benefit from Romneycare, the blueprint for Obamacare.


In a new ad by Priorities USA Action, a man describes how he lost his job and his healthcare after Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital closed the steel plant where he worked.  The man’s wife died of cancer, which was not treated early because he had lost his healthcare plan.  In response, Romney campaign spokesperson, Andrea Saul, admitted that if they had lived in Massachusetts instead of Indiana, they would have benefited from Romney’s state healthcare plan.  Obamacare was directly modeled after the Massachusetts plan.

The admission by Romney’s campaign has conservative talking heads going crazy.  How can they continue to demonize Obamacare when the Romney campaign admits it is a good thing for working people?  Mitt Romney’s blatant pandering to the far-right wing of the Republican party has caused him to run away from his own signature achievement, proving once again that he will take any side of any issue if it will help him get elected to do the bidding for his Wall Street masters.


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