Romney Caught Lying In Welfare Ad Attacking Obama

VIDEO – Mitt Romney and the Republicans’ claim that President Obama waived the work requirement for welfare is completely and totally false.  But the Romney campaign and the Republican party are continuing to lie about it anyway.


At the request of governors, including Republican governors, the Obama Administration granted waivers to the states so they could have the flexibility to implement new ways of getting welfare recipients back to work.  In fact, states that accept the waiver must show that the employment for welfare recipients went up at least 20% in order to continue the program.

The real story in all of this is that Mitt Romney is engaging (again) in the use of a racial “dog whistle” to shore up the white bigot vote.  Desperate for any opening to get elected and knowing he is losing every minority group in the polls, Romney has resorted to convincing low-information white voters that President Obama is handing their hard-earned money over to non-working welfare recipients.

Now, this narrative is being played out in Tampa at the GOP convention, with Rick Santorum referencing the dishonest narrative in his convention speech.  And even though every credible news source and even fellow Republicans have debunked the claim, Mitt Romney continues to use the false attack in his campaign ads.

True to his flip-flopping, etch-a-sketch form, Mitt Romney himself requested the same waiver to the welfare program in 2005 when he was governor of Massachusetts.


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