Romney Exposed As Fraud Who Will Say Anything To Get Elected

VIDEO – Mitt Romney is exposed as a complete fraud willing to say anything to get elected to do the bidding for his billionaire backers.  In his 1994 run for Senate and his 2002 campaign for governor of Massachusetts, Romney proclaimed himself to be a pro-choice, pro-gay-rights, independent that “did not want to return to Reagan-Bush.”  He even called his views “progressive” because he was pandering to a left-leaning electorate.  But this year, in order to secure the GOP nomination, Mitt Romney claimed he was a “severely conservative governor.”

Then (1994, 2002):

  • “Look, I was an Independent during the time of Reagan-Bush.  I’m not trying to return to Reagan-Bush.”
  • “I think people recognize that I’m not a partisan Republican – that I’m someone that is moderate and my views are progressive.”

Now (2012):

  •  “I was a severely conservative Republican governor.”
  • “I worked very hard to promote a conservative agenda.”
  • “My conservatism is to the core.”

Is there anyone in America who believes this phony?  That Mitt Romney is a principled person instead of a pandering actor propped up by the money of billionaires?  This video is just one of many that is an indictment of a man who changes his “beliefs” to pander to the voters he needs to gain power.

Which is the real Mitt Romney?  Your guess is as good as anyone’s.  No one really knows for sure.  If you want a conservative, you might think that he is just saying this now to win over the Republican base.  If you want a progressive, you might think Romney will pretend to be “progressive”, only to work hard to promote a conservative agenda.  Either one could be true.

Here is what we know for sure:

The game plan of the Romney campaign is to say as little as possible, give as few details as possible, and just hope that being the “not Obama” candidate can win in November.  What we do know is that Mitt Romney is beholden to the small circle of Wall Street cronies and a handful of billionaires who are financing the super PAC and front group ads blasting President Obama in order to get him elected to be their puppet.


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