Romney Fails To Acknowledge Afghanistan War In Acceptance Speech

VIDEO – Mitt Romney is campaigning to be the Commander In Chief of the United States Armed Forces, yet he made no mention of the Afghanistan War or the more than 80,000 American troops deployed there in his acceptance speech at the Republican Convention.  He then excused himself from that by saying it was just one of many things he didn’t mention from his “laundry list”.

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This is just unbelievable.  A man who is running to be Commander In Chief of the military, completely ignores the more than 80,000 troops that are stationed in Afghanistan.  Then, he comes back with some lame excuse about how he mentioned them the day before at a campaign rally.  What did Mitt Romney say at that campaign rally?  “We are still at war in Afghanistan. We still have uniformed men and women in conflict, risking their lives just as you once did”, Romney said to the American Legion in Indiana.

Apparently, the fact that we are currently involved in the longest war in the history of the United States, only deserves two benign sentences to the Indiana American Legion from Mr. Romney.  It is not important enough to Romney to mention the troops he is hoping to command during his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination for president.

He did manage to talk “tough” about Iran, Russia, and the Middle East, implying that he is ready to go to war with Iran.  Yes, yet another tough-talking privileged elite who did not serve in the war that was going on when he was of the age to go to war, but is ready to send America’s sons and daughters around the world to fight wars at his command.

Romney said it was “tragic” that President Obama ended the war in Iraq.  He has no plan for (and won’t even mention) Afghanistan.  And he has criticized President Obama’s plan to trim spending from the defense budget, a plan that has the blessing of the military leadership.  Romney has proposed increasing defense spending (along with cutting taxes for the top 1% of earners) while cutting social programs and even ending medicare.

That should not surprise anyone who knows Romney is funded by Dick Cheney and his friends from Halliburton and the defense industry.  And it should not surprise anyone who knows that out of Romney’s 24 special advisors on foreign policy, 17 are from the Bush-Cheney Administration.  Yes, Mitt Romney and the GOP are eager to take America’s foreign policy back to the days of Bush and Cheney.


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