Romney Highlights His Similarities With George W. Bush During Debate

VIDEO – In the second debate, the things Mitt Romney tried to use to show differences between himself and President George W. Bush were actually all things that he has in common with President Bush.  The Romney campaign followed that up by sending Paul Ryan to an appearance in Ohio with Bush’s Secretary of State and foreign policy advisor, Condoleeza Rice.

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 During the second presidential debate, Mitt Romney was asked to differentiate himself from President George W. Bush.  The beginning of his answer was “President Bush and I are — are different people and these are different times and that’s why my five point plan is so different than what he would have done.”

But his plan was filled with promises that (as you can see in the video) Bush himself promised during his presidency and campaign for president.

  • Romney promised that he would somehow make America energy independent.  Bush in 2006: “we’ve got to become independent from foreign sources of oil”.
  • Romney said he would expand trade in Latin America.  Bush in 2000: “Our goal will be free trade with all the nations of Latin America”.
  • Romney said he would promise to balance the budget.  Bush State of the Union 2007: “First, we must balance the federal budget”.

Romney mentioned that “these are different times” and that he would do things differently.  But, as Ezra Klein wrote in the Washington Post, Romney’s “same as Bush” policies actually made more sense in 2000 than they do now.  A Mitt Romney presidency would basically be George W. Bush part two, but at a time in America’s economic history that is not able to withstand the reintroduction of reckless George W. Bush policies.

In addition to the economic similarities Romney mistakenly admitted to during the debate, his foreign policy is mostly made up of Bush-era neo-cons.  In fact, 17 of Romney’s 24 foreign policy advisors are from the Bush administration.

The Romney campaign is doing little to hide the fact that they are running to be Bush “part two”.  The day after that debate, they sent Paul Ryan to Ohio for an appearance with one of George W. Bush’s top advisors when he took America into the Iraq war, Condoleeza Rice.  Romney attended fundraisers in Wyoming hosted by Dick Cheney and Cheney’s Halliburton buddies and is about to attend another with the former VP in Houston.

Don’t be fooled that Mitt Romney is somehow not like George W. Bush.  The only ways he is not like Bush are ways that are even more extreme than the unpopular former president.



  1. So everything is not perfect in 4 years after Bush and the GOP fucked it all up? I can’t believe anyone would consider putting Romney and GOP back in power after what they did to this economy. Talk about Romnesia! It will take more than 4 years to undo the damage of the idiot Republicans. If you think Romney is any different than GW Bush, you are an idiot.

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