Romney Olympic Committee Records Were Intentionally Destroyed

VIDEO – Mitt Romney, who has gone to great lengths to keep his financial and tax records secret, also had all records of his time as the CEO of the Salt Lake Olympic Committee destroyed by his successor, a former colleague at Bain Capital.


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When Mitt Romney took over the scandal-ridden Salt Lake City Olympics, he promised “complete transparency”.  Romney pledged that his own emails would be available to the public and promised an extensive public archive of documents related to the 2002 Winter Olympics.  

But when reporters from the Boston Globe attempted to access these records, they found that most key records about the Games’ internal workings were destroyed under the supervision of a staffer shortly after the Olympics.  Reporters were routinely denied access to records they requested, including those covered under the transparency pledge.

The Globe article quoted Kenneth Bullock, a committee member who represented the Utah League of Cities and Towns.  “Transparency? There was none with [the Salt Lake Organizing Committee] when he was there,” Bullock said. “Their transparency became a black hole. It was nonexistent.”

The destruction of organizing committee documents was overseen by Fraser Bullock, the committee’s chief operating officer and a former Romney colleague at Bain Capital, who took over as the Games’ chief executive when Romney left to run for governor of Massachusetts.

Of course, the Romney campaign now wants us to believe that Romney had no involvement in the destruction of the documents.  A Romney campaign spokeswoman said, “Mitt Romney resigned from SLOC in early 2002 to run for governor of Massachusetts and was not involved in the decision-making regarding the final disposition of records.”

Right, he left that to his old buddy from Bain Capital.  There was no coordination there, right?


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