Romney Reaffirms Endorsement Of Mourdock After His Rape Pregnancy Comments

VIDEO – Mitt Romney confirmed his support for Tea Party Senate candidate Richard Mourdock from Indiana, even after the outrage about Mourdock’s comments on abortion.  Mourdock said abortion should be banned, even for women impregnated by rape because a pregnancy from rape “is what God intended to happen”.

Mitt Romney is standing by the Tea Party Senate candidate from Indiana, Richard Mourdock, even though Mourdock said a pregnancy from rape is “what God intended to happen”.  The Romney campaign confirmed their support for Mourdock the day after the he made his comments during a debate.  Mitt Romney wants Mourdock to continue to use the TV ad he recorded in support of the Senate candidate.

Romney’s continued support of Mourdock even after his debate comments should come as no surprise.  Romney supports a “personhood amendment”, which would give the Constitutional rights of a person to a fertilized egg.  Romney also said he would “be delighted” to sign a bill into law that would outlaw abortion altogether (again, even in cases of rape).  And Mourdock’s comments, while news to most of the nation, were not a surprise to anyone who has been following his campaign (including Mitt Romney).

Of course, Romney’s running mate for vice president, Paul Ryan, is an anti-choice extremist on abortion.  Ryan also believes a woman who is impregnated by rape should be forced by the government to carry the child to term.  Ryan even co-sponsored a bill with Todd Akin which sought to redefine rape.

The official 2012 Republican Party platform states that abortion should be outlawed in all cases, even for women impregnated by rape or incest.


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