Romney Repeats Baseless “Apologize For America” Line Over And Over

VIDEO – Mitt Romney’s foreign policy pitch amounts to one thing: he says he won’t apologize for America, and he continually accuses President Obama of “apologizing for America”.  There is absolutely no evidence of President Obama ever apologizing for America, as Romney says.  This is just another lie from the Romney-Ryan campaign that they believe, if they repeat it over and over, will somehow stick in the minds of voters.

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Mitt Romney has been lying about President Obama “apologizing for America” throughout his campaign.  No one is quite sure what that means, nor is there any evidence of Obama ever apologizing for America.  Yet, Mitt Romney repeats it again and again at every campaign stop.  Similar to the Romney lies about Medicare and welfare, the campaign believes that they can simply repeat lies over and over until it starts to stick in the minds of the American people.

Romney campaign pollster Neil Newhouse recently said, “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers.”  So, they have basically admitted this is their strategy.  And a disgusting and cynical strategy it is.

Mitt Romney has virtually nothing to offer the average American.  He stands for nothing other than making life easier for the richest Americans, the ones funding his campaign.  Everything he says regarding anything other than tax cuts for big corporations and billionaires is just calculated lying and pandering.  He even comes out against his own ideas if he needs to sway a particular group of voters.

We have never before seen a candidate for president who is as phony and dishonest as Mitt Romney.  Romney has lied so much during his political career that the mainstream media has come to expect it from him.  It barely registers in the news when Romney lies.  Normally, a candidate this dishonest would have been rejected by the electorate by now.  But these are not normal times.  His “supporters” aren’t really supporters of Romney, but people who have been conditioned to hate President Obama so much that they don’t care what Romney says.  And that is the strategy: Romney is simply the “non-Obama” and hope of his billionaire funders is that it is enough to get him in.  Once he’s in, he will be their servant, rewarding the ultra-rich with tax cuts and deregulation.


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