Romney Staged Fake Canned Food Drive For Photo Op In Ohio

VIDEO – Mitt Romney staged a canned food drive in order to disguise a political rally as a “storm relief event” in Ohio.  The campaign was caught spending $5,000 at the local Wal-Mart buying granola bars, canned food, and diapers to give to supporters as they walked into the rally so they could then hand them back to Mitt Romney for a photo op.

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As Hurricane Sandy was bearing down on the East Coast, President Obama cancelled his campaign appearances in order to give full attention to the impending disaster.  The Romney campaign said they were going to suspend campaign events “out of sensitivity for the millions of Americans in the path of Hurricane Sandy”.  But, as we have come to expect from Mitt Romney, he was even lying about that and instead kept his scheduled campaign appearance, disguising it as a “storm relief event”.

While President Obama was meeting with FEMA, the Red Cross, and coordinating disaster relief, Mitt Romney was pretending to care for the storm victims by staging a canned food drive far away in Ohio.

The night before the event, Mitt Romney sent campaign workers to the local Wal-Mart to buy items for his supporters to hand to him at the “storm relief event”.  They spent $5,000 on diapers, granola bars, and canned food.  These items were then given to attendees of the event so Romney could be photographed “accepting” the items from supporters who lined up to hand them back to the man who purchased them.

The Red Cross does not accept canned food donations and if Romney was actually concerned about helping the Red Cross, a quick call or check of their website would have told him that.  No, the campaign apparently ignored that because it got in the way of their planned photo-op.  The Red Cross prefers monetary donations and if the campaign wanted to promote disaster relief, they would have asked their supporters to send money to the Red Cross, as the Obama campaign did.  Mitt Romney was simply using the disaster to score cheap political points.

Romney has already said he would eliminate FEMA and force states to handle disaster relief on their own.  He also said he would prefer to go one step further and privatize disaster if at all possible.  But Hurricane Sandy is a real disaster affecting the most populated region of the United States.  It is clear that the federal government is needed in a situation like this.

As President Obama was personally coordinating with Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey to bring real federal assistance to the people affected by Hurricane Sandy, Mitt Romney was in Ohio staging a phony and unnecessary canned food drive so the press could take his picture.  But Romney’s own campaign surrogate Chris Christie has already said he is not interested in letting Romney exploit the disaster in his state for another photo op.  Christie doesn’t have time to play “pretend” with Mitt Romney. This is a real crisis affecting millions of real people.



  1. What an incredible fraud this guy is!! How could anyone vote for this con man? Oh yeah, Fox News has convinced masses of ignorant people that Obama is a communist, socialist, Kenyan, Muslim, etc. This guy and most Republicans would have no chance without the Fox propaganda machine. What a phony!

    • Romney2012 says:

      You’re are all complete idiots. Grow up and start thinking for yourselves. You’re a disgrace to this country. You do realize that Obama flew to New Jersey, took a photo with Gov. Christie and left right? No. Of course not cause you have your head stuck so far up Obama’s butt you can’t see any truth if it slapped you in your face. The entire news media is corrupt. All they care about is making sure Obama gets re-elected rather than pointing out his obvious faults. (Bengazhi ring any bells you hypocrites). You’re all pathetic. None of you know anything about Obama or what his plan is for the next four years. Maybe if you start paying attention, you might learn something about your pathetic excuse for a Democratic party. Peace losers.
      Romney 2012.

      • Hey, you forgot to say the entire news media is corrupt – except FOX. Right? Because THEY tell you idiots the TRUTH. Yeah, Obama went to New Jersey, where Gov. Christie praised him over and over again for his handling of the situation. He said he talked to him 6 times and that Obama expedited everything he needed. I guess they’re not showing you this on FOX “news”. But they are obsessing over the tragic attack in Benghazi – desperately trying to blame Obama for it (because they’ve got nothing else). Pathetic. Hey douchebag – does Iraq ring any bells for YOU? Because your RepubliCON party made up fake WMD’s in Iraq and got hundreds of thousands of people killed. AH, but you go ahead with your “concern” about the 4 people in Benghazi that died (which had nothing to do with Obama). You are a fraud and hypocrite just like Romney.

        • Liberals are dumb says:

          Hey idiot, did anyone tell you that more people have been killed in the Iraq war under Obama’s administration than Bush’s? No of course not. Cause you don’t listen to anything but msDNC. Pathetic loser. Benghazi is news you moron. It’s the first ambassador killed since Jimmy Carter. Obama’s administration lied for two weeks trying to push the stupid Youtube video, which everyone knows was a lie. You, of course, have no clue about anything you’re talking about. You liberals are all the same.
          1. Call people racist
          2. Ignore facts and logic.
          3. Blame Bush.
          You’re a walking list of talking points. You just regurgitate whatever CNN or MSDNC tells you. As always, you can’t refute my talking points so you resort to lies. But it’s ok. Truth will always win out.

          • “Hey idiot, did anyone tell you that more people have been killed in the Iraq war under Obama’s administration than Bush’s?” Yeah, you just did, idiot. Is that what they told you on the Glen Beck show? WOW. You are a zombie and a moron. Please site your source for that nonsensical statement. Obama ENDED the Iraq War, idiot. That’s a small FACT that YOU are ignoring.
            But idiot, you are right about one thing: the truth DID win out – ON NOVEMBER 6.

      • You sound like an overzealous psycho… There is PLENTY of coverage of Obama in New Jersey with Gov. Christie… in fact, just check with Gov “always critical of Obama until Hurricane Sandy” Christie himself. He has nothing but PRAISE for Obama and when an economist *Bloomberg* supports the President, YOU and Romney LOSE!

        You talk about Bengahzi, but what about The World Trade Center, the Pentagon, the field in PA, or the U.S. Bulldog… what about those innoent AMERICAN lives we’ve lost… what about the soldiers and civilians who lost their life in Afghanistan and Iraq?? You’re a hyprocrite…

        • Liberals are dumb says:

          You do realize that the country is going bankrupt and Obama has added more debt than all the other presidents combined? No you don’t. Cause you’re clueless. There’s a difference between 9/11 and Benghazi. No one lied about 9/11 you fool. 9/11 was horrible and there was nothing that could have been done to prevent it. Benghazi could have been prevented, but Obama did nothing. NOTHING. You’re whole party is a corrupted, useless excuse for a party. Pathetic. Learn some facts and come see me,

          • Obama has NOT added more debt than all other presidents combined. Good God, you are just a Fox News talking point zombie. Check your facts, dipshit. Just because your leader Hannity says something does not make it true. I like how you said nothing could have been done to prevent 9/11. Ah, actually you need to read the post on this site that explains how your boy Bush ignored all of the signs of 9/11 because they wanted to focus on invading Iraq: After you read it, you can watch a few more hours of Fox Noise and reprogram yourself back into a Bush apologist.

  2. He has no morals and we have yet to see what his real agenda is. He uses and lies about anyone and any company for his own gain.

  3. OhioIsForObama says:

    Sorry, Mitt. We can see through your phony stunts, your lying, and your bullshit Jeep ads here in Ohio. Just go away, Mitt.

  4. Carol Cowan says:

    Romney is exploiting a true disaster for political gain. He is despicable. It truly horrifies me that so many voters ignore his dishonesty. I am sickened by this man. If he’s elected president, it will cost us dearly in all ways.

    • BillInDenver says:

      Sadly, some will ignore all of Mitt’s dishonesty simply because Romney is white and they hate Obama. Then there are the “low information” voters who have no idea what a fraud this guy Romney is – those are the ones who suddenly found Romney “acceptable” after Romney lied to them (changing positions on everything) in the first debate. Thankfully, more and more of these people are finding out what a dirty liar Romney is.

  5. Jon Blabe says:

    Romney has to be the most dishonest presidential candidate in history. He probably took the cans back to the store for a refund after his photo-op.

  6. Stephen Erhahon says:

    I am saying this with all sincerity…. I love politics..follow it religiously and I have to say Mitt Romney is despicable. He has no integrity whatsoever … When you hear his wife say that he has integrity I want to scream, this man should be working as a carnie, and it is so depressing to see that only after one debate performance…and I mean performance.. The race became an even one…. Is that all it takes to impress the American people? Mitt Romney has to be the most prolific liar in American political history…and he has no shame in doing so….he must have no respect for the electorate as he says one thing one week and something else the next… He feels that the average American is not smart..they will believe anything …only rationale I can find to explain this inveterate lying….shameful

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