Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future Has Collected $82 Million From Handful Of Billionaires

Mitt Romney’s super PAC, Restore Our Future, has raised more money in the 2012 election cycle than all Democratic-aligned super PACs combined. Restore Our Future has raised over $82 million in this election cycle compared to hundreds of Democratic-aligned super PACs combined take of $77 million.

The total of all GOP super PAC contributions, $277 million, compared to the $77 million total of all Democratic super PAC contributions, gives the GOP a nearly 3 to 1 advantage.

In the month of June alone, Romney’s super PAC has raised $20.7 million.  Nearly half of that, $10 million, was from China casino owner Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam.  Also on the June donors list for Restore Our Future: $1 million from Bill Koch (through his mining company Oxbow Carbon, LLC) and $2 million from Bob Perry, the Texas home builder.


The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision has opened the door for the ultra-rich and big corporations to drown out the messages of anyone in the way of their profits. They will be able to bombard the airwaves with negative ads attacking President Obama that were funded by a few handful of billionaires.  They have raised more in the month of June alone than President Obama’s super PAC, Priorities USA action, has in the entire election cycle.  And this is not because masses of people are donating to Restore Our Future.  It is because the few donors to Romney’s super PAC are some of the richest people in the country and their goal is to amass more wealth and profits at the expense of everyone else.



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