A Romney Tradition – Don’t Remind Voters How We Killed Their Jobs

Mitt Romney learned a lot from his father about how to be a cold, calculating, S.O.B.  On this conference call for Wisconsin supporters, Mitt fondly recalls how his father closed a factory in Michigan and had to run away from his actions in order to get elected Michigan’s governor.  Isn’t it nice that he can even chuckle about it?  Yes, the Romneys have made it a family tradition to screw people out of their jobs and then laugh about it.  When you are worth a quarter of a billion dollars, you’ll never have to face the reality of being laid off from a job that you rely on to support your family, so why not laugh?

Mitt obviously was mentored by his father and applied it well when he was head of Bain Capital.  Look Dad!  I didn’t just close a factory – I took over businesses, loaded them with debt, made sure Bain was paid millions in consulting fees, and then bankrupted them and closed them forever.  HA HA HA, (chuckle, chuckle).  It doesn’t matter because as long as we don’t remind them about it, I will get elected anyway (worked for Dad)!

Being a complete phony, lying, and hiding the fact that you are only running for office to help your rich friends is an inherited trait for Mitt.  It’s what Romneys do.  Mitt has been preparing for this all of his life.  AUDIO:


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