Romney Will Cut Healthcare, Planned Parenthood, PBS, And Amtrak To Give More Tax Cuts To The Rich

VIDEO – Mitt Romney vows to get rid of “a lot of unnecessary things” if he becomes President in order to balance the budget.  Somehow, tax cuts for the ultra rich are not something he considers unnecessary – he would keep those indefinitely.  But, he will cut funding for Planned Parenthood, PBS, Amtrak, and the National Endowment for the Arts (things the rich don’t rely on).

When the woman at this Illinois town hall meeting asked Mitt Romney where the millions of women who receive their mammograms and HPV vaccines at Planned Parenthood would go after he eliminates it, Romney callously replied, “They could go wherever they would like to go.  This is a free society.”  In other words, ‘I don’t care’.

Romney goes on to continue through his list of “unnecessary” things that he will eliminate if he becomes president.  Of course, Cold War era weapons programs and nearly $1 trillion in tax cuts for the richest Americans are not on this list.  Why?  Because these are things that make his rich friends and those that fund him a lot of money.

The things that are on his elimination list are programs that matter to hundreds of millions of working class Americans who, unlike Romney, do not have a net worth of $250 million.  Planned Parenthood?  The rich can afford their own birth control, mammograms, and HPV vaccines. Amtrak?  Who needs the train when you have private jets and limousines?  The National Endowment for the Arts?  When you have fine art hanging in your mansion, you don’t need to help to be educated on the arts.  PBS?  Let the kids watch commercials for sugary cereals.

But, the removal of spending on all of these things combined would not even make a minor dent in the $1 trillion of federal spending that Romney claims should be eliminated to reduce the national debt.

And of course, “Obamacare” is number one on Romney’s elimination list.  Those that can afford the finest health insurance money can buy see no need for the rest of America to get affordable care when they are sick.  No, that is not something Romney believes is necessary.  According to him, if we just give the rich enough tax cuts, everything else will work itself out.


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